Pest Control for Offices

Discovery of a pest infestation by an office-based business can have disastrous consequences, causing distress and disruption along with the potential for damage to your equipment, buildings and stock.

Insects and rodents present a particular problem in offices. Why is that?

  • They are incredibly well suited to taking advantage of the same conditions that humans create for themselves – warm and habitable areas
  • There is often food available – either surrounding desks or through the office canteen facility
  • There are many entry routes. Pest insects and rodents are masters of exploiting gaps and defects in buildings and with a constant procession of deliveries, staff and visitors to the office premises, insects have a perfect carrier route
  • Office premises provide an abundance of places to live and hide, unseen and undisturbed – raised computer floors, plant rooms, storage cupboards, lift motor rooms, canteens and toilets to mention just a few
  • The size and layout of office premises can also be a contributing factor to pest infestation with certain office formations providing the perfect breeding ground
  • Rats and mice have a particular affinity with wires and cabling. Rodents have a continual need to gnaw to control the length of their rapidly growing teeth and telephone, internet and computer cabling is ideal.

Insects and rodents can cause huge operational disruption with serious financial ramifications. Moreover, staff may become demoralised and distressed by the presence of the pests which could constitute a contravention of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

The key to combating office pest infestations lies in understanding pests’ behaviour and proactively monitoring and managing the problem.

With over 30 years’ experience, Safeguard is an expert at preventing and controlling pests within office environments; ensuring your business meets the required Health and Safety regulations.

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  • How often should pest control be done in an office?

    We work with our customers to provide the most effective pest solutions and in compliance with their needs. We work in accordance with the British Pest Control Association and CRRU best practices.

  • How do I get rid of flies in my office?

    It depends on the type of fly. Contact Safeguard for some advice or to arrange a site survey.

  • What attracts rodents to offices?

    Rodents are attracted to the foods often found in offices, as well as the warmth and the quiet environment in the evening hours when they are most active

  • What are the signs of rodents in the office?

    Typical signs of infestation include sightings of droppings, damage to food packaging and visual sightings of rodents

  • Is it worth getting pest control?

    Rodents can chew through wires for office equipment causing expensive remedial works. Implementing a pest control contract can reduce the risk of this occurring.

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