Pest Control in East Sussex

East Sussex includes Eastbourne and Hastings, and the Districts of Lewes, Rother and Wealdon. The county is spread across nearly 700 square miles and over 50% of the region falls within two designated areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Within the coastal urban areas and market towns, as well as the predominant urban regions, pest invasions have become a common problem. Grey Squirrels are a serious forestry pest and cause damage to young trees within rural areas.  Whereas rodents are a common challenge faced by residents and businesses.


Over the last 10 years, insects, rodents, and other pests have become a growing issue among public and private sector organisations in East Sussex. It is not uncommon for us to find birds and pests that have caused health, safety and hygiene issues with damaged wiring and chewed electric cables, disrupting commercial services. Whether you are a farm, school, hotel, restaurant, convenience store or tourist attraction, pests can damage your reputation and become an expensive cost to your business. Don’t take the risk. Spotting infestations early and calling a professional pest control company can save you both money and embarrassment.

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Residential Pest Control in East Sussex

In East Sussex, your home might be secure and clean however, pests can enter via the tiniest of places including cracks in walls. Rodents like rats breed – on average – five times a year and can give birth to around 14 babies each time! That means it doesn’t take long to suffer from an infestation.

Pigeons can roost on sloping roofs and nesting can block chimneys leading to noxious fumes.  Therefore, as soon as you become aware of a problem, it’s important to contact a professional pest control company to prevent matters from getting worse or causing health issues.

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