Clothes Moths

The adults actually do no damage when feeding. It is the larvae, which hatch from the sticky eggs,  that eat wool, hair, fur or feathers. However, they prefer blankets, wool carpets, wool garments or upholstery that has been soiled with perspiration. The grubs are white caterpillars with golden brown heads, which spin a hiding place of characteristic loose silk webbing, beneath which they feed. They make irregular holes in textile fabrics and pupate as silken cocoons.


  • How do you treat clothes moth infestation?

    Clothes moth infestations can be treated in various ways. Most commonly insecticidal spray treatments and pheromone control. Removal of the source of the infestation is key in the success of the treatment.

  • How do I permanently get rid of clothes moths?

    A robust plan which involves good housekeeping and treatment from a professional pest control company.

  • What does moth infestation look like?

    Common signs of clothes moth activity are damage to clothes, carpets and bedding which are made of natural fibres.

  • How often do clothes moths lay eggs?

    An adult female moth can lay around 300 eggs in a life cycle of 30-40 days

  • What are the signs of clothes moths?

    Common signs of clothes moth activity are damage to clothes, carpets and bedding which are made of natural fibres.

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