Eurogroup of companies, including Europest have joined forces with Safeguard Pest Control and Environmental Services Ltd. 

Joining the Orkin UK group of companies in July 2022, Eurogroup including Europest were the first Welsh based pest and bird control, washroom and clinical waste services’ company within the group. 

Working cohesively with Safeguard Pest Control, who were already part of the Orkin UK group of companies, Eurogroup and Safeguard Pest Control have formally joined forces operating under the Safeguard brand.

Customers in Wales and beyond will continue to remain the focus of the business, following the alignment of these established pest, bird, and environmental services companies, offering clients enhanced support and greater outreach across Wales and the rest of the UK.

Eurogroup began as Europest Environmental services in 2001, as a specialist, quality driven pest control provider. Their aim has always been to locate the niche in the service market which enables the company to fulfil demanding service schedules whilst providing a quality driven service, and most importantly value for money.

In 2005 Europest were approached by several clients to provide sanitary and nappy disposal waste services, due to the inadequacy and disappointment of the service delivery of their then service provider. This exposed a niche in the washroom service market from which the Eurogroup of companies was established.  This expanded the service offering for new and existing clients alike. 

Embracing their original principles of a professional, quality driven, committed service team and ability to provide value for money and peace of mind, the Eurogroup has grown into a specialist pest,  and bird control, washroom and waste service provider.

Expert proactive advice is an imperative part of their services allowing their customers to make informed decisions whilst maintaining reputation and saving money. Eurogroup’s trained technicians and surveyors take professional pride in giving good quality advice and recommendations.  Whilst a proactive approach is encouraged the Eurogroup of companies can offer a reactive service when the needs arise.

Eurogroup pride themselves on a commitment to service, delivery, and our affordable combined service packages.  Value for money and providing peace of mind to all our clients is paramount to the ethos of all the Eurogroup personnel.

Thanks to staff ethos and customers’ loyalty, Eurogroup and Safeguard are excited about this new era for Orkin UK’s group of companies.