Pest Control in Suffolk

If your Suffolk home or business has a pest issue, you’re not alone – many people across the county experience the same thing. Whilst pest infestations are unpleasant, acting fast and calling in trained pest control professionals like Safeguard can solve the problem quickly.


Businesses of all types across Suffolk experience infestations of insects, birds or rodents like rats, mice or squirrels.

As well as jeopardising the health of your employees and your customers, it could result in significant loss of revenue. Particularly in the hospitality and food service industries, even the most established reputations can be ruined by a single pest sighting.

As soon as you notice pest animals – or signs of their presence like nesting material, droppings or scratching noises – around your premises, give Safeguard a call. We provide fast, professional and discreet pest control services across the county and also advise on how to prevent future outbreaks.

In cases where future outbreaks are difficult to prevent (small pests like insects, for example, slip in easily on clothing, hair or luggage), we help you identify the signs to look out for and provide a fast-response service you can utilise as soon as you notice any.

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Residential Pest Control in Suffolk

Residential properties provide an immediate source of warmth, shelter and nesting potential that attracts a range of pest animals.

Pests carry with them a range of potentially serious diseases (Weil’s Disease in rat urine, for example) and also cause damage to your property. They also breed quickly, so it’s important to pick up the phone as soon as you notice any potential signs of infestation.

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