Pest Control in Essex

No matter how well you look after your business or home, pests such as rodents, vermin, cockroaches and bed bugs are still a prevalent problem in Essex. The combination of rural life and wide-open spaces, along with more built up urban areas; where you’ll find plenty of shops and businesses, makes it an ideal place for unwanted pests to live. Even the cleanest, tidiest and most secure business or residential property can attract an infestation of mice or rats as well as other pests and they can cause plenty of damage in a short space of time.


Essex businesses are at risk of infestations from pests. In any location where food is prepared or served, rodents and other vermin will never be too far away. This means preventative methods of keeping mice, rats and cockroaches at bay are essential. Making sure you dispose of waste carefully and securely can ensure they stay away from your premises. But beware; they are also cunning when it comes to sneaking into tiny cracks, holes and gaps in your walls, doors or windows.

Acting quickly is key when it comes to managing a pest infestation. Mice in particular breed fast, so a small issue can become a major one in a matter of days. They reproduce approximately every three months, giving birth to up to a dozen offspring. Those baby mice can then reproduce after just two months, which gives you an indication of how easily the problem can spread. This also means that where there is one, there are likely to be many more before too long.

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Residential Pest Control in Essex

Mice and rats, for example, can wreak havoc once they have found their way into any property. They have a habit of chewing through cables and wires, which can not only be an inconvenience, but is also a fire hazard. Rodents will also use a number of different materials to create their nest, from cardboard packaging to items of clothing. So it’s vital that you call in professionals like Safeguard for pest control services at the first sign of a problem at your business or in your home.

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