Pest Control in Durham

Pest infestations are a common problem across Durham. By calling trained pest control services, however, you can rid your premises of pests quickly and effectively.


Commercial premises of all kinds across Durham make tempting homes for pests like rats, mice, squirrels, birds and insects.

This is damaging to the health of you and your employees and drives customers away from spending money at your business, particularly if you work in the hospitality or food service industries. Just one sighting of a pest can ruin a reputation for years.

It’s vital to keep an eye out for early warning signs of infestations and phone trained pest control services when you do before the problem grows. At Safeguard, we remove pests quickly, sensitively and reliably and also offer advice on preventing future outbreaks.

In cases where this isn’t possible (bed bugs or fleas slipping in on clothes, for example) we recommend staying vigilant for signs of pests and picking up the phone as soon as you notice them.

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Residential Pest Control in Durham

Across Durham, a range of pests use residential property for shelter and nesting space.

In doing so, they spread dangerous diseases like Weil’s disease and cause significant damage to property (by gnawing and damaging important cables, for example). If you spot early warning signs of infestation, give us a call straight away before the problem grows. Look for droppings or signs of nesting material and keep your ears open for suspicious noises.

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