Pest Control in East Riding

East Riding homes and businesses are both susceptible to pests. Whilst infestations are unpleasant, acting fast and calling in expert pest control services can rid your premises of pests quickly and effectively.


Business premises across East Riding are vulnerable to infestations of insects, birds and rodents thanks to the warmth and nesting potential they provide.

As well as being a major health hazard, infestations have a negative impact on revenue by driving customers away. This is particularly true in hospitality and food service, where a single pest sighting can cause years of reputational damage.

To prevent this happening, keep an eye out for common infestation signs like droppings and call in pest control services as soon as you see something suspicious. At Safeguard Pest Control, we provide sensitive and effective pest control for businesses across East Riding and offer advice on future prevention too.

Where you can’t prevent an infestation due to smaller pests slipping in undetected, we recommend knowing what signs to look for (droppings, nesting material, suspicious noises) and getting in touch as soon as you notice anything.

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Residential Pest Control in East Riding

In both the countryside and East Riding’s urban centres, pests are drawn to private residences to shelter and breed.

This presents a danger to you and your family via diseases spread by urine and droppings and through the destruction pests cause to property. Rodents in particular breed quickly, so it’s important to act fast to eliminate the problem – pick up the phone to Safeguard as soon as you notice any infestation signs.

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