There are six common species of gull found in the UK. These are the Greater Black-Backed, the Lesser Black-Backed, the Herring Gull, the Black-Headed Gull, Common Gull and the inland gull, the Kittiwake.

Gulls are typically large birds with white or light grey plumage, dark tipped wings, yellow beaks and webbed feet.

Gulls are a protected species

Gulls are most common in coastal areas and near other large bodies of water, with the exception of the Kittiwake.

In recent years however, all species have been moving further inland in search for food and to avoid predators. Gulls are becoming more of a problem due to their tendency to become aggressive towards humans during breeding season and when competing for food. They are omnivorous, opportunistic feeders and will eat almost anything; they have even been known to eat other birds.

Gulls are particularly difficult to control due to the fact that they are a protected species. Government licenses will only allow the lethal control of urban gulls in extreme circumstances, but there must a be a proven and significant risk to public health and safety. Some types of gull are also rarer and have greater protection than others, but it’s difficult to identify the species only based on the nests and chicks.

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  • Can pest control get rid of seagulls?

    There are several options that we can offer to deter seagulls from causing a nuisance at your home or business

  • Are seagulls protected UK?

    Seagulls are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, like all wild birds in the UK

  • How do you deal with nuisance seagulls?

    There are several ways to deter seagulls from your property including anti bird spikes, hawk flights and bird netting

  • Are seagulls a health hazard?

    Gulls can swoop on you if they feel threatened or are trying to steal food and their faeces does carry some diseases too.

  • How to deal with aggressive seagulls?

    It is best to leave the area where the agressive gulls are. They are likely to feel threatened so it Is best not to hang around or fight back.

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