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When you are involved in the manufacturing or packaging of food, pests can cause catastrophic damage to your business. They can affect your stock, reputation and even lead to investigations by your local Environmental Health department, which can have a hugely detrimental effect on your revenue and customer confidence in your business. With exceptionally stringent standards expected of all food production businesses in the UK, it’s important that you don’t let birds, rodents or other vermin cause irreparable harm to your processes, products, brand or consumers.

While protecting your business is important, the wellbeing of colleagues and employees is also paramount to your success as a business. You can secure your success and the wellbeing of your employees by working with Safeguard. We understand the need to deal with issues early and resolve your pest problems or infestations, fast. It’s our job to make your business a safer, cleaner and pest free place to work.

We have more than 30 years of experience in pest control at premises like yours. That means we not only understand the best methods of removing ratsmicebirds and more, but that we are also knowledgeable of the strict rules and regulations relating to food production, such as the BRC and ISO standards.

As food production often takes place at larger facilities, the control of miceratsflieswasps and even birds can be hard to manage. At Safeguard, we work on a contract basis with many food production businesses, which helps to prevent problems before they arise. We can advise you on the best ways to keep pests out and offer a complete, personalised service that’s tailored to your particular site. If you do find you have unwanted visitors in the form of pests, we can be at the premises fast, helping you eradicate the issue before it becomes unmanageable. As with many pest control problems, early detection and resolution is important to avoid any infestations getting out of hand.

At Safeguard, we offer competitive pricing and can provide a tailored, fixed fee that’s determined by your requirements. This makes managing your own budget easier. We can offer you round the clock protection from pests, ensuring you run a compliant, safe business for both customers and employees.

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  • What should I do to avoid pests in my food production?

    Ensure that your premises is kept clean, tidy and free of spillage. Instruct a professional pest control company to help keep your site pest free.

  • How often should we do pest control / CRRU?

    We work with our customers to provide the most effective pest solutions and in compliance with their needs. We work in accordance with the British Pest Control Association and CRRU best practices.

  • Is Safeguard a member of the British Pest Control Association?

    Yes, we have been members of the BPCA for over 25 years and hold a full servicing membership

  • When do I need a pest control team?

    Preventative pest control is always better than reactive pest control, so we suggest instructing a professional pest control company at the earliest opportunity.

  • What is the most common method of pest control?

    Planned maintenance visits to a food production site help manage pest risk. The method of control is dependent on the pest.

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