Carrion Crows

The carrion crow is one of eight species of birds in the crow family (corvids) that are commonly found in the UK. It is between 18 and 21 inches in length and has glossy black plumage which has a slight green or purple sheen. The eyes, beak and legs are black. Young carrion crows have a duller, dark brown plumage and blue eyes.

They can be very destructive to crops and, in urban environments, have been known to attack cars and tear off windscreen wipers. Carrion crows will also pull putty from around windows while they are attacking their own reflection.

A common juvenile behaviour is for the birds to collect stones and drop these from height onto shiny, reflective surfaces such as water courses and more commonly, within urban areas, onto glass roofs and canopies.

As the name would suggest, carrion crows are scavengers by nature and will eat almost anything, including the eggs of other birds. This behaviour often makes them unwelcome in the gardens of avid bird-watchers.


  • Are carrion crows protected?

    The Wildlife and Country act 1981 protects wild birds and crows in the UK, and it’s illegal to cause injury or destroy their nest or its contents.

  • How do you get rid of crows?

    Management of crows is undertaken under licence and will need a professional pest control company to offer specific advice.

  • What is the difference between a carrion crow and a raven?

    There are two main differences. Ravens are larger than crows. Raven also have a more varied vocal range when compared to the call of a crow which is generally one sound.

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