There are over 3000 species of cockroach. 4 of these are most commonly found in the UK:

  • German cockroaches – adults grow to 12-15mm in length and are identifiable by two dark stripes. They are most commonly found indoors
  • Oriental Cockroach – adults are 20-30mm in length and are a uniform dark brown/ black in colour. They can be most commonly found in cool, damp areas
  • American cockroaches – adults can grow up to 50mm long, are red/brown and are able to fly. They are found in areas that are dark, humid and undisturbed
  • Brown banded cockroaches – adults are much smaller, approximately only 10mm in size. They are identifiable from their yellow/ brown stripes and can fly. Their preference are warm and humid environments

These cockroaches will eat any sort of food and emerge from their inaccessible harbourages to forage, contaminating food, utensils and food preparation surfaces as they go. They taint food with an obnoxious smell and may be carriers of various diseases.


  • How does pest control get rid of cockroaches?

    Treatment for cockroaches is by using a combination of gel based insecticides, alongside other methods of control such as insecticidal sprays and cockroach traps

  • What is the best way to get rid of cockroaches?

    The most effective treatments are the use of insecticides and cockroach traps.

  • How much is pest control for cockroaches?

    It varies depending on how severe the issue is. Contact a professional pest control company for advice.

  • Why do I have cockroaches in my clean house?

    Even if your house is clean there are some unseen parts of a house such us under floorboards and loft spaces which could be good cockroach harbourage.

  • Should I be worried if I see one cockroach?

    Seeing one cockroach isnt necessarily an idicator of a larger problem, For peace of mind contact a professional pest control company for advice.

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