Pest Control in Buckinghamshire

With so much outdoor space and wildlife in the county of Buckinghamshire, vermin such as rats, mice and squirrels are rife. They will find any way possible to make it into your home or business premises and can cause damage and distress.

In most cases, pests including cockroaches, mice, rats and squirrels attempt to invade properties in search of food and shelter. This is especially true in colder weather, when they are enticed indoors into our lofts, kitchens and wall cavities, which provide somewhere warm and safe for them to live. The problem is that once they’re in, they breed, make plenty of noise and can leave chaos in their wake.


Vermin and rodents can eat their way through woodwork, cables (causing endless problems with your wiring or even fires), and will also wreak havoc with fabric or loft insulation. Rats and mice, in particular, will chew through clothing, rugs, carpets and cushions and even nest in them. This can mean expensive repair work being required, as well as being hugely inconvenient.

Spending time and money dealing with vermin damage is not the only downside to pests invading your space. They also pose a risk to your health. Mice and rat droppings or urine, carry harmful bacteria and viruses such as Hantavirus, that can be transmitted to humans. Even with thorough cleaning, the issue is not necessarily resolved, as the diseases can be airborne, meaning a brush or vacuum will simply spread the problem.

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Residential Pest Control in Buckinghamshire

Got a problem with bed bugs or cockroaches? These are also common pests that need to be dealt with fast. Although over-the-counter products will help you kill these pests temporarily, it’s important that you use the services of a reputable pest control company in order to find the source of the problem and ensure it is gone for good.

Mice are especially common in areas of Buckinghamshire, where farm-life and rural settings provide the ideal living conditions for them. Did you know that mice breed every three months and have approximately 12 offspring each time? In addition, mice can reproduce once they reach just two months old. This makes controlling an infestation of mice impossible without the help of a professional pest control company.

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