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Devon is located in south west England, and has sandy beaches, historic cliffs, and medieval towns. The landscape, coastline and mild climate make Devon a popular destination for holidays, recreation activities and visitors to attractions like Dartmoor and Exmoor national parks. As a result of the vast countryside, residents and visitors often experience problems with vermin, birds, and pests damaging buildings, as well as causing problems to livestock and humans alike. It is not unusual for mice, rats, and squirrels to disrupt homes and businesses when seeking shelter from the cold weather or food during the summer periods, especially in tourist areas. Many pests, like mice, can breed every three months, producing approximately a dozen offspring every time. Accordingly, a pest infestation can spread quickly, if not managed effectively.


A significant proportion of the economy is based on tourism and agriculture, and there is a strong local food sector, as well as many artisan producers. Recently, Devon has seen a growth in a number of other sectors including financial services companies coming into the area. All businesses need to protect their staff, premises, reputation, and livelihood.

Pest control is a common issue for commercial organisations and something they often need professional help to resolve existing vermin problems and prevent future occurrences. Safeguard Pest Control is a trusted advisor and service provider to many businesses large and small, in the Devon area. We are local specialists in pest and bird control with over 30 years’ experience. Would you like help to deal with a current problem with mice, rats, squirrels, wasps, flies, cockroaches, spiders, moths, silverfish, pigeons, gulls, crows, starling, sparrows, crows, rooks, jackdaws, magpies or any type of bird or vermin? We offer a fast and reliable service across the county of Devon, and can help with prevention planning and finding a lasting solution to current problems.

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Residential Pest Control in Devon

In Devon, residents often contact us about fly infestations, particularly during the summer and autumn months. Flies are common in rural areas, especially where there are poultry farms, stables and piggeries nearby. In both rural and urban areas, rodents, insects, birds and other pests constantly look for a safe place to nest and breed. As soon as one is inside your home, there are likely to be more following in a short period of time. For example, mice breed approximately once a quarter, giving birth to around twelve babies each time. The offspring will then reproduce after a couple of months, which gives you an idea of how quickly a small infestation can become a major problem. However, mice are not the only rodent that breeds quickly and the problem needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Signs include noise, nesting material, partially eaten food and droppings. Safeguard Pest Control is a local business based on family values with an excellent reputation across Devon. If you would like help in dealing with a current problem relating to birds or pests, please contact us today.

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