Pest Control Services for the Construction Industry

Construction, refurbishment and demolition at local, regional or nationwide levels can bring all inherent pest control problems.

Rats and mice

Rats and micegnawing through the insulation on electrical cables not only causes damage, it may also result in fires. Similarly, puncturing water pipes can lead to flooding, or in extreme cases, explosions, when gas pipes are damaged.


The acidic droppings of pigeons harbour insects which can cause an infestation. Additionally, their droppings may block drains and guttering, and damage stonework.


Gulls bring with them a riot of noise and aggressive behaviour during their nesting season of March to September, which can prove a menace to humans. Their roof-top nesting behaviour can lead to increased maintenance and cleaning costs, especially when nests are sited near ventilation and plant machinery.


The UK’s resident starling population increases each year during the Autumn months with migrants arriving from the Continent. Attracted to urban conurbations, the Starlings roost on buildings and available ledges across the skyline, corroding stonework and turning pavements into treacherous surfaces.

Pallets and Packaging

Inferior construction packaging materials from exporting countries can harbour pests within construction materials, which may have far-reaching consequences for the countryside and urban areas.

Safeguard Pest Control is expert in managing, monitoring and eradicating pests. With experience built over 30 years, our trained technicians work with designers, planners, architects and builders to ensure consistency in the on-site management and control of pest infestations. We protect you and your site – from planning to construction, and demolition.

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  • How to combat pest control problems on building sites?

    By implementing a routine pest control service

  • How to set up pest control for new construction sites?

    We offer a free of charge survey to assess the requirements of the site and to determine potential high risk areas

  • What to consider about pest control in construction?

    The most common form of pest control required would be for rodents due to the disruption of burrows during the excavation of groundwork

  • What is the most common method of pest control?

    The most common form of pest control required would be for rodents due to the disruption of burrows during the excavation of groundwork

  • How to do rodent control at construction sites?

    Effective baiting and a planned pest control service

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