Pest Control in Herefordshire

You can have the cleanest, most secure home, but pest control in Hertfordshire is still a big problem – one that Safeguard deals with daily. Even if you think you have taken the necessary precautions to protect your property against pests, such as securing food and closing cracks in walls, vermin, cockroaches and other pests will often find a way to get in.

Around rural areas, especially when the weather is cooler, mice, rats and squirrels will seek warmth and shelter, with your property being the perfect place. Able to creep into spaces or gaps as small as a penny, pests can nest and cause extensive damage, very fast. In addition, they can be disruptive, often moving around, running or feeding during the night.


One of the biggest problems with pests is that where there is one, there are likely to be many more. Rats for example, breed regularly (about five times a year) and can give birth to around fourteen babies each time. This means it doesn’t take long before your kitchen, loft area, garage or bedroom is home to an entire family of rodents.

In addition to the inconvenience they cause, rodents and pests carry viruses and diseases such as Leptospirosis that can be transmitted to humans. Cockroaches, for example, carry dysentery, typhoid and gastroenteritis, which are found in their droppings. They also cause allergic reactions in some people and should be removed by professionals.

Another common pest we find in rural places like Hertfordshire is wasps. Swarms of these insects can be worrying and dangerous, particularly for anyone who may be allergic to their sting. If you find a nest near your property or business premises, ensure you give Safeguard a call to deal with the matter safely and professionally. Treatment of a nest without the proper precautions and protective clothing can anger a swarm of wasps – with disastrous consequences.

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Residential Pest Control in Herefordshire

We offer professional pest control services in Hertfordshire. That includes detecting a pest problem and identifying the type of infestation you have, as well as providing a solution. There are preventative methods you can try such as securing food, but if it’s too late and you have spotted a pest, there are likely to be many more before too long.

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