Pest Control in Lincolnshire

Pests are a frequently occurring problem in Lincolnshire, across both private and commercial properties. Whilst infestations might seem daunting to tackle, professional pest control services can deal with the problem for you quickly and decisively.


Lincolnshire’s commercial premises can make desirable homes for pests like rodents, birds and insects looking for warmth, shelter, food and nesting materials.

The consequences for you and your business can be dire and include poor employee health and potentially significant loss of revenue from customers. This is particularly true for food service and hospitality businesses where it only takes one sighting of a rat or mouse to cause catastrophic and lasting reputational damage.

This is why it’s so important to get in touch with pest control services as soon as you identify a problem. Safeguard provides reliable, fast and discreet pest elimination for businesses across Lincolnshire, and we also advise on how to prevent further infestations as part of our service.

Sometimes, smaller pests like fleas or bedbugs can slip in unnoticed on people or clothing. In these cases, it’s difficult to prevent outbreaks entirely, so we recommend keeping vigilant for signs of an infestation and phoning us the minute you find one.

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Residential Pest Control in Lincolnshire

In both rural Lincolnshire and in urban centres, a range of pests make their homes in private residential properties.

This is a major health hazard for residents due to diseases carried in urine and droppings. Pests breed rapidly (mice have litters of 12 every three months, for example), meaning a small problem can soon get out of hand. As such, you should be vigilant for signs of rodent droppings, noises and nesting material and get in touch as soon as you notice them.

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