Pest Control in Cornwall

Boasting hundreds of sandy beaches and wild moorlands, Cornwall is in the far west of England on a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.  The North Coast is a popular seaside resort with beautiful cliffs and scenic views, and is popular among surfers, in areas such as Newquay. The southern coast is known as the Cornish Riveria with quaint villages and charming harbours.


Birds and pests are a constant problem for businesses, hotels and public sector organisations, including universities, in Cornwall. Rural enterprises can suffer from rats and mice that breed regularly and give birth to a dozen offspring. Rodents are not only a nuisance, but can spread disease, damage reputation, and result in expensive legal proceedings. In urban areas, pigeons can be a nuisance to tourists and hotel guests. Whether your problem relates to rodents, birds, wasps, flies, ants, fleas, spiders or other vermin; if you are seeking help to prevent and resolve pest problems then Safeguard is a trusted partner of a wide variety of commercial enterprises in Cornwall. We are a specialist in pest and bird control, and experienced in helping organisations remain safe, hygienic and open for business.

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Residential Pest Control in Cornwall

Homes can be a haven for insects and rodents, and these pests are a common reason why residential property owners contact us. Kitchens, bedrooms, lofts, garages, and basements are popular areas for spiders and vermin to find a new home. They can find their way into the smallest cracks and spaces in walls and breed fast.  Spotting them early, before they have the chance to reproduce, is key to ensuring the effective removal of any pests. Food waste and large bins attract rats and mice, which feast on the rubbish we throw away.

During the summer, in rural areas across Cornwall wasps’ nests are very common. These can be dangerous for young and old alike, and lethal for someone allergic to stings. You should not attempt to remove a nest yourself, as an attack by a swarm of wasps can be hazardous to yourself and anyone else around you.

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