Pest Control in Cheshire

Pests are a common issue for homes and businesses in Cheshire – but one that’s possible to solve by involving professional pest control services as soon as possible.


Cheshire business premises attract a range of pests looking for warmth and shelter, including rodents, insects and birds of many kinds.

This causes health issues for employees, damages buildings and causes revenue loss by discouraging customers from visiting your premises – especially true for organisations operating in the hospitality and food service industries where reputation for good hygiene is essential.

Always be vigilant for signs of pests like droppings, nesting materials and suspicious noises and give us a call if you notice anything. At Safeguard, we provide experienced pest control services to businesses across Cheshire as well as offering tips on preventing future outbreaks.

If you can’t prevent infestations, in the case of smaller pests like bed bugs sneaking in on clothing, for example, our advice is to be vigilant and phone us quickly as soon as you realise you have a problem.

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Residential Pest Control in Cheshire

Residential properties in Cheshire can attract pests.

This has serious ramifications on residents’ health thanks to the diseases pest species carry. Building damage is also a common issue. As pests breed quickly, it’s important to deal with the problem quickly to prevent it becoming bigger and more difficult to solve. If you notice warning signs of an infestation, pick up the phone to Safeguard Pest Control Cheshire as soon as possible.

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