In the UK, approximately 600 species of spiders can be found. The vast majority are harmless to humans and spiders are generally considered beneficial to the environment. They feed on insects, other spiders and any other prey that they are able to subdue. Spiders do not have a mouth capable of chewing, so typically, they will use digestive enzymes to break down prey before consuming.

The most common methods of entry into an office or home for spiders is through windows or doors that are either open or have cracks. They can also enter through accidentally being contained in other items.


  • How do pest control get rid of spiders?

    For certain spiders a combination of cleaning, insecticide spray treatment and on occasion fogging.

  • Can you get pest control for spiders?

    Yes, but only for certain spiders – give us a call for some advice

  • How do I rid my house of spiders?

    Improving housekeeping, vacuuming regularly are usually good places to start.

  • What month do spiders come out?

    Spiders are more visible from September but can be seen during other months.

  • Are house spiders dangerous?

    Most spiders in the UK are not harmful, if you aren’t sure you should contact a professional pest control contractor.

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How to get rid of spiders moths in your business?

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