Pest Control in Northamptonshire

Pests are a common problem for businesses and residential properties in Northamptonshire. With the help of trained professionals, however, infestations can be managed and prevented.


If you own or run commercial premises in Northamptonshire, be vigilant against pests like rats, mice, squirrels, birds and insects using your buildings for warmth and shelter.

Having pests on your premises is a health hazard for employees and can cause significant loss of revenue if spotted by customers. In some cases, like in the hospitality trade, a single sighting of pests around your premises can cause significant reputational loss that will take a long time to recover from.

Check regularly for warning signs of infestation and call in trained pest control experts immediately if you find any. At Safeguard, we provide reliable and discreet pest control services to businesses across Northamptonshire and we also advise on how best to prevent infestations in the future.

Sometimes, pest infestations are difficult to prevent because smaller animals like insects can sneak in unnoticed on people, clothing or objects. In these cases, our best advice is always to keep an eye out for warning signs and give us a call as soon as you suspect an infestation.

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Residential Pest Control in Northamptonshire

Across both urban and rural Northamptonshire, residential properties offer a desirable place for pests to shelter due to the warmth they offer.

First and foremost, these are a health hazard to residents because of the dangerous diseases pest species carry. Pests often breed quickly (mice, for example, have litters of around 12 every three months), so as soon as you notice infestation signs like noises, droppings and nesting material, give us a call before the problem grows more serious.

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