Pest Control in Merseyside

Pest infestations are a problem for many Merseyside homes and businesses. If you notice signs of an infestation, call in trained pest control service professionals to deal with the issue quickly and effectively.


Commercial premises in Merseyside attract a range of pests, including rodents, mice and birds looking for shelter and nesting opportunities.

Pests are dangerous to businesses. They spread disease and drive away customers who will perceive your premises as unhygienic. A single pest sighting can cause significant revenue loss and damage hard-won reputations for years, especially in industries like hospitality and food service.

To prevent this happening to you, give Safeguard a call as soon as you realise you have an infestation issue. We provide swift, discreet and effective pest control services to businesses across Merseyside, as well advising on how to prevent future outbreaks.

Smaller pests like bedbugs and carpet beetles may also sneak in undetected. Stay alert for infestation signs and call us as soon as you notice a problem.

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Residential Pest Control in Merseyside

Merseyside’s residential premises attract pests because of their warmth and sheltering potential.

Once inside, they can spread dangerous diseases like Weil’s disease and cause physical damage to your property – in some cases making your home unsafe. As pests breed quickly (mice, for example, have litters of 12 every three months), it’s important to phone experienced pest control professionals as soon as you notice any droppings, nesting materials or suspicious scratching noises.

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