Three signs you need bird control services

Bird control may not be the first thing someone thinks of when pest infestations are mentioned. However, birds are just as capable – if not more so – of having a detrimental effect on your commercial businesses.

When people think of pest bird infestations; feral pigeons within an urban environment – such as Trafalgar Square’s pigeons – is the typical situation that springs to mind. However, starlings, gulls, crows and Canada geese affect just as many commercial businesses.

Shopping centres, office blocks, airports, stations and listed buildings can all provide an attractive proposition for pest birds, as they offer high-level roosting and nesting locations. Reliable sources of food, shelter and protection from predatory species are also factors that make an area ideal for pest birds.

Not everybody is aware of the clear signs of a pest bird infestation. Take a look at the key indicators below.

Nesting: Pest birds’ nests block chimneys and flues which can cause the build-up of deadly gasses in a property. The blockage of drainage pipes and guttering can also lead to flooding and water damage. In addition, the damp caused by such blockages can encourage insect infestations – posing yet more pest control issues.

Aggressive behaviour: Birds can be extremely territorial, especially during nesting season. They have been known to attack other animals and humans, deeming them to be a threat to their eggs.

Disease: Birds can carry many communicable diseases – fungal, viral and bacterial – some of which can be deadly. Bird droppings also contain several diseases and infections, such as salmonella. When dry, droppings can become airborne in very small particles, leading to respiratory complaints once inhaled. Contaminated food and discarded feathers can also be a source of infection.

Fouling: Bird droppings are acidic so can cause permanent damage to wood, stone, metal and vehicles. Heavily fouled areas can also present a significant slipping hazard.

All these issues can cause a serious problem for businesses – especially those dealing with food – and can lead to loss of customers and revenue. Staff absence due to pest related sickness or even closure by environmental health can be other implications of pest bird infestation.

Therefore, it is crucial to be able to identify a bird control problem before it gets out of hand.

#1 Large Numbers of Gathering Birds

bird pest control

This one may seem obvious, but look out for large numbers of similar birds gathering around your property.

If they seem to be hanging around for a prolonged period, and/or growing in population, it could be an indication they’ve identified your property as a desirable roosting or nesting location.

#2 Bird Droppings

Birds leave a lot of droppings which, as already discussed, can cause serious problems for property and people. If you notice a sudden increase in the number of bird droppings around your property, it can be a sign of infestation. If you find droppings inside your property however, then you need to take immediate action and contact a professional pest control company.

bird pest control

#3 Noise

Some people enjoy the sound of birdsong in the morning, but an increase in bird-related noise around your property could be a sign of infestation. Be especially attentive to cooing as this is a distinct sound made by feral pigeons.

The Safeguard Difference

It is crucial to employ bird control experts who know how to deal with an avian infestation, while remaining on the right side of the law. Safeguard Pest Control has over 30 years’ experience in the field and specialises in commercial pest control.

One of the methods Safeguard employs which separates them from the competition is the use of birds of prey to humanely dissuade pest birds from taking up, or continuing, their residence. Rather than hunting and killing the invading birds, the mere presence of a predator in the environment will cause nesting birds to depart for a safer location.

If you need bird control advice and assistance for your business property, get in touch with Safeguard today.

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