UK Pest Control Calendar: Pests to Look Out for Each Month

Throughout the year, Safeguard Pest Control is called out to deal with a variety of invading creatures, from pests such as pigeons and mice to tiny insects such as flies and ants.

However, not all these pest animals are prevalent at all times of year. Some animals prefer the warm summer months, whilst others thrive when the weather turns cold and the leaves fall from the trees. Therefore, it is important to understand which pests your commercial and residential properties are likely to be invaded by at various times of year, so you know which signs to look for during each month.

January and February

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During the first two months of the year while the weather is cold, you can expect to encounter high levels of mice and rats as they love to seek out warm buildings to call home during the winter months.

Cockroaches generally prefer a warm environment so some would expect for these insects to fall under the summer months. However, with central heating systems creating an optimal temperature all year round, cockroaches are applicable for every month of the year.  January also signals the end of spider season.


As the weather begins to warm, you can expect to see more nesting birds all the way up until the end of September.

March also heralds the beginning of the resurgence of insect infestations, with the first signs of ants coming out of their winter slumber.

The greatest pest control issue in March comes from high levels of clothes moths, so any companies working with textiles would be wise to take additional precautions.

April and May

April and May see a maintaining of March’s levels, with high numbers of clothes moths remaining a concern, together with moderate levels of mice, rats, cockroaches and ants. However, yet more insects begin to emerge as the year progresses into Spring and property owners can expect to see moderate levels of house flies.

May can also herald the first appearances of the dreaded wasp, so be on the lookout for nests, and deal with them before they become fully active.


As the summer begins, clothes moth levels finally begin to die down. However, don’t be fooled into thinking this means a respite from insect infestations – levels of bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches and house flies all increase significantly in sympathy.

Rats, mice, wasps and ants all remain a concern during June as well.


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As if the increased levels of bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches and house flies weren’t enough, July is the month where

wasps and ants begin to really proliferate – you can expect to see a lot of them in trouble spots. So, make sure you’re cleaning up food and rubbish promptly to avoid encouraging them.


House flies begin to die off in August, but all other insect levels remain high.  Ants and wasps are all major concerns, so keep your pest control on point, always.

Still expect to see rats and mice throughout August.


The summer drawing to a close represents something of a respite from some insect issues.

Unfortunately, wasps remain at high levels for another month and September also heralds the beginning of spider season, albeit at moderate levels – for now!

Rats, mice and cockroaches all remain a real threat through September.


Many insects disappear altogether as Autumn begins, with wasps often surviving well into October. Rats, mice and pest birds often seek warmer manmade environments as the weather turns colder. So be vigilant.

However, Autumn really is the time of the spider – levels can be expected to increase as the eight-legged critters head into properties to begin breeding. While UK spiders for the most part are not venomous, the arachnophobes among you had better be on guard.


Wasps and ants now join their entomological brethren and vanish from our lives for another year. Spiders remain

at high levels throughout November too, while rat, mouse and bird infestations now increase dramatically as they head indoors to nest or hibernate.

false widow spider


As we come full circle, clothes moths finally disappear from the pest control calendar and spider levels begin to drop.

All Year-Round Pest Control

If you are looking for pest control experts who have the experience and expertise to provide an all-year round solution for your commercial property, then Safeguard Pest Control is the company for you. With over 30 years’ pest control experience, we know how and when to tackle each issue.

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