Case study: R & C Williams


R & C Williams have been civil engineers in Birmingham since 1957, with a strong foundation in building bridges, structural repairs, steelworks and fabrications nationwide. They are the favoured choice for large and small civil engineering projects due to their focus on health and safety, compliance and integration with local authority and private civil engineering management methods.
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30 bags of waste

Safeguard cleaned the bridge steelwork of pigeon fouling and related debris, generating over 30 bags of waste.

600 metres

Safeguard installed over 600 metres of stainless steel anti-perch pigeon spikes
"The client confirmed that the project went to plan and was finished within the allocated timescale. They were totally satisfied with the completed works and the level of service that they received."
Richard Farrand
Purchasing Manager

The challenge

R & C Williams were tasked with a bridge refurbishment that unfortunately was being affected by the presence of feral pigeons. The pigeons were roosting and nesting on the steel supports under the bridge, depositing fouling and related debris over all surfaces which was making refurbishment hazardous.

Access was also an issue due to the bridge being adjacent to a river.

How we helped

With the support of R & C Williams, Safeguard overcame the access restrictions for this project by utilising an MEWP and scaffold which was fixed to an anchored pontoon. The average scaffold would not do for this job!

We then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected all fouling and pigeon related debris from the steel joists located under the bridge.

The final task was to install over 600 metres of stainless steel anti-perch pigeon spikes to provide a permanent barrier against repopulation by feral pigeons.


Firstly the result which we always aim for is a satisfied client.  This was achieved through experience, knowledge and a personable approach to a unique project.

In addition to this, the feral pigeons have now been permanently denied access to the steel joists and recesses located under the bridge.