3 Reasons to start considering bird control

Feral pigeons have, and continue to be, a huge urban problem throughout the country, therefore bird control is on the rise.

With the largest pigeon population in London there’s an expanding number of people, either owning private homes or commercial properties that advocate the necessity to begin considering bird control.

The top 3 reasons to stop pest pigeon populations NOW are linked to human health and the intrinsic value of properties.

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So what are the top 3 reasons pest pigeon populations need to be stopped sooner rather than later?

  1. Noise

The continuous ‘cooing’ and wing flapping of pigeons upsets many people. Not only do residents find themselves being woken at the crack of dawn, when young birds are waiting to be fed, the constant noise they make can be irritating and stressful too. At work people find it difficult to concentrate with the irritating noise constantly in the background.

  1. Hazards

Pigeons cause all sorts of hazards.

Their droppings can cause slippery pavements, fire escape routes, ladders and entrances, which can lead to accidental slips and falls.

A sudden flock of pigeons taking-off can be startling, causing safety issues for both drivers and pedestrians.

Dead pigeons and nesting materials can block gutters and down pipes leading to flooding and water damage.

Pigeons are a source of substances which are known to cause breathing problems and allergic skin reactions in humans. They also carry bird mites which can be a human health problem.

  1. Property damage

Pigeons have become a real pest in many parts of London and the South-East. Not only do they foul pavements, exits and entrances, the acidity in their fouling also causes erosion and damage to stonework. This constant form of erosion and damage can be extremely costly for any property owner and by using bird control, owners can save themselves the headache as well as their pounds.

Although these are the top 3 reasons, there are other problems that individuals and property owners may find are more important to their particular situation.

Whatever your reason for preventing and deterring pigeons from spoiling your quality of life or your building, Safeguard has the solutions to help you with your  

So give us a call today on 0800 328 4931 or Make an Enquiry and stop pigeons ruining your life and your building.

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