Alternative Bird Control

Alternative Bird Control

We offer a wide range of bird control services including alternative methods such as trapping, shooting and the Avishock system. Call or email us at your convenience and we will find the best solution for your needs.

Bird Trapping, Shooting & Nest Removal

Bird Trapping

A structured program, trapping can remove up to 70% of a pigeon community, which takes upwards of 18 months to recover. The process creates disorientation within the social order through trapping and removing dominant birds. Regular programmes are designed to control repopulation from neighbouring areas. Safeguard employs only humane and discreet methods.

Safeguard bird control team

Bird Trapping Specifications 

  • An initial site survey is carried out to identify population size and trap numbers.
  • Safe and discreet trapping locations are identified.
  • Pre-baiting period is carried out to habituate pest birds to trapping site.
  • Once birds are used to the feeding site then trapping begins.
  • Traps are visited regularly in accordance with current legislation.
  • Trapped birds are humanely dispatched and discreetly removed from the site.
  • Trapping levels are monitored, and pre-baiting is repeated if numbers begin to drop.

Bird Shooting

Shoots can be carried out to control internal and external populations by trained marksmen using appropriate calibre rifles. All Safeguard marksmen undergo rigorous training to achieve a high degree of success. All work is carried out in strict accordance with the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act. Each bird is retrieved and discreetly removed from the site.


  • A full site survey is undertaken for health and  safety purposes. Only Safeguard personnel are permitted in the treatment location
  • A spotter is to be located behind the marksman to identify pest bird locations
  • Only clean shots are to be taken to prevent risk of ricochet.
  • The number of dispatched birds to be included within treatment reports.
  • All shoots are to be carried out in a discreet and professional manner. 

Bird Egg & Nest Removal

Nuisance birds can be reduced in overall flock numbers and can be encouraged to move on through egg or nest removal. Removal of eggs prevents the adult birds from raising young on a site. Reduction in size of the flock, and lack of young birds, denies the flock future breeding numbers. Hawks can be flown during these removals if flocks are aggressive or numerous.

Typical Bird clearance programme specification

A minimum of six treatments are carried out, monthly or weekly as required. Two persons on site at all times in line with health and safety guidelines. 

During initial visits only eggs are removed and fake egg replacement is used to prevent further egg laying. The final visit involves the removal of all nests on site, and all eggs, nests and related materials treated with a Biocide which renders materials inert and safe to dispose of. All materials are removed from site by Safeguard for safe disposal.

Alternative Bird Control Methods


Avishock delivers a small electric shock which stops birds from settling in a target area.

A track is laid which carries a small electric pulse every 1.3 seconds. When a bird lands on a track, the circuit is completed and a small shock, which does not harm the bird, is delivered.

This creates a learned avoidance response in the birds which can be extremely effective in deterring large populations of birds.

Since the Avishock system is electrical, the deterrent track requires a power source, but once installed and enabled, the Avishock system offers many years of effective protection.

Safeguard supply and install Avishock bird deterrents across UK from our West Midlands base.

Bio-Acoustic Systems

Bio-Acoustic humane bird dispersal technology was originally developed to prevent bird-strikes at airports. Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic bird deterrents use loudspeakers with a variety of distress calls for various species played to trigger the flight reflex of nuisance birds.

This equipment and approach may be used to rapidly displace large volumes of birds as required, or at frequent intervals to train birds permanently away from certain areas.  The equipment may be used in a stationary installation or mobile bird-control unit.

Bird Free

‘Bird Free’ is an ingenious system that utilises small, pre-loaded trays of a special gel which has the extraordinary ability to fool a bird into perceiving the protected area as a threat.

The gel used in this system is supplied and deployed in units that can be used over an unlimited area, providing that there are enough trays spaced at recommended intervals. Its strength lies in the fact that it manipulates the Ultra Violet vision which birds use.

Bird Trapping

We are experienced in the trapping of pigeons and other nuisance birds. This method can remove over two thirds of the local pigeon population. Removing dominant members of the group creates a break in the social order of the pigeon community.

First your site is surveyed to assess the size and potential number of traps required to carry out the work. It is decided at this point where safe and unobtrusive traps are to be positioned. Set areas are then consistently baited to create a familiar feeding point for the birds.

Trapping then commences and they are visited regularly in line with current legislation.

Trapped birds are humanely dispatched and removed from the location. Regular schedules can be used to avoid the area becoming repopulated by pigeon groups from nearby areas.

Bird Shooting

We promote the use of non-lethal pest control methods wherever possible, with deterring birds from nesting or settling on buildings in order to stop mess and health and  safety issues.

In some cases, where no other option is feasible, we are able to provide trained marksmen to control excessive pigeon populations.

Our work complies with the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act.

To arrange a quotation or for additional information please call us.

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