Avoid damp walls or flooding with bird control

Have you got a damp problem on your walls? Or maybe had an unexpected mini-flood? “Bird refuse” may be the culprit. It blocks the gutters and the water overflows, leaving you with damp walls or mini-floods.

In this article, we will explore the extent of damage caused by bird refuse and the bird control measures you can implement.

For those who have a problem with nesting birds, it will come as no surprise that birds’ nests can very easily block gutters, both rainwater gutters and parapet gutters.

The bird refuse can also block gutters and valleys that are fitted to gas flues, which can cause serious consequences if gas fumes can’t be vented properly. These blockages can lead to all sorts of problems both internally and externally.

External Problems from Blocked Gutters:

Blocked gutters inevitably mean that when it rains the water can’t get away as it should, resulting in an over spill. This can cause damage to paintwork, brickwork and plaster.

Bird Refuse x

You’ve probably seen homes and buildings where there’s a nasty green/black line down the side of a wall where a blocked gutter hasn’t been dealt with.

If you have a blocked gutter caused by seagulls, pigeons or other bird, refuse, you’ll need to call in the bird control professionals to remove the problem nest and refuse. It’s illegal to do anything that will cause harm to most birds, without a licence.

Internal Problems from Blocked Gutters:

Blocked gutters can not only cause damp on the outside of your home or workplace but left unchecked, the water will also cause damp on the inside of your walls too.

You may not notice the internal damp, to begin with, but over time you’ll see the tell-tale signs that often mean that plaster work is ‘blown’ or you have mould starting to grow. Once the external problem of the birds’ refuse has been dealt with professionally and your walls have dried out, you can start to redecorate.

It’s not only bird refuse that can cause problems to a building or home. Dead birds can also block gutters and while this is a problem as we’ve discussed above, the carcass of a dead bird can carry disease and attract other pests, such as flies. This can be harmful to human health, and you would certainly need to a bird control professional to come and visit.

If you think bird refuse could be blocking your gutters, give us a call on 0800 328 4931 for a no obligation quote.

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