What’s inside your Bounty?

News reports have appeared recently regarding mouse droppings found in Bounty Bars being sold at WH Smith.

Pest control inspectors from Westminster City Council also reported finding live mice under pallets of drinks within WH Smith at Victoria Station. The subsequent fine of £22,000 and more than £13,000 in costs will alert consumers and suppliers on the daily risks related to inadequate pest control.

Health and Safety adviser Clive Bonny says “Advising consumers to avoid drinking directly from cans and bottles is just not practical.  Nevertheless, the risk posed by rodent-related diseases can be severe. Bacterial infections such as leptospirosis can result in severe headaches, abdominal and back pain, sweating and even liver failure. It is estimated that at least 7 million people suffer from this every year.”


One of the leading UK pest control companies, Safeguard, offer free telephone advice for businesses who want an improved pest prevention service. Pest control expert James Sheehan says “We understand the difficulties faced by businesses within food production and storage, when dealing with pests.  However there is scarcely a situation where an integrated pest management system cannot be effective; reducing the risk to your business.”

1Scanning electron micrograph of a number of Leptospira sp. bacteria atop a 0.1 µm polycarbonate filter

Kidney tissue, using a silver staining technique, revealing the presence of Leptospira bacteria


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