Ants – Household Pests Infographic

Safeguard Pest Control presents an infographic on household pests, this week focusing on ants.

Although Garden ants are not associated with the spread of disease, tropical species such as the Pharaoh’s ant can carry disease organisms and will contaminate sterile materials.

red ant

In late summer winged sexually mature males and females will ‘swarm’ in large numbers to mate, after which the males usually die and only a small proportion of mated females survive to start new colonies.

Ant Treatments per Region

Scotland – 23.46%
North West – 20.15%
North East – 19.14%
Greater London – 14.79%
Yorkshire / Humberside – 8.26%
West Midlands – 5.93%
Wales – 3.30%
East Midlands – 1.53%
East – 1.24%
South West – 1.17%
South East – 0.94%
Northern Island – 0.09%

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