Merger Safeguards Jobs

A merger of two of the UK’s longest established pest control companies has created new job role opportunities for their staff. Arrowguard and Safeguard Pest Control, based in the South East, have brought together their sales and service teams to work within domestic and commercial markets.

One of the aims of the merger was to widen the choice of services available to customers, sharing the wealth of knowledge and skills between two previously competing businesses.

Safeguard Property care

Tom Chalmers, of Arrowguard, describes how the change affected him personally: “I’d worked with Arrowguard since 2008 undertaking a role within the service department. I’ve now been able to expand my role with the support of my directors. The merging businesses have allowed me to move up the ladder, learn new skills and work with a more diverse range of customers. My peers were honest about the challenges I would encounter, however they have been very supportive as I develop my place within the company. I used to work in landscape gardening and this job offers so much more variety”.

James Sheehan, senior surveyor, says “all too often mergers result in job losses. With the right planning and a positive ethos we’re proving the point that one plus one can equal three, in terms of customer service. This leads to business continuity, security and creating growth opportunities to develop our staff.”

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