Pest Control Merger Creates One of the Largest Independent UK Firms

A new merger between two established companies has created one of the largest independent firms in the UK to tackle all aspects of pest control. This specialist market provides essential protection services for offices, schools, hospitals, housing, commercial estates and the construction industry.

pest control building

Tim Sheehan and Paul Butterick, Directors of Safeguard Pest Control and Ken Hazeltine, MD of Arrowguard Environmental Services say “This integration of two successful, long standing companies allows all our customers to obtain the benefits of additional shared resources to guarantee a fast service response and high delivery standards. This is an exciting opportunity to set higher industry standards and develop long term employment opportunities for our existing staff and prospective new employees.”

Our expanded bird proofing and pest control divisions will allow us to comprehensively cover the entire South East England region.  The pest control industry is as old as agriculture. The first pesticides were used 4500 years ago to protect crops. The bubonic plague was carried by rats killing over 50% of infected humans within 4 days. An estimated 25 million Europeans died as a result. Pest control specialists have subsequently improved the prevention and spread of such diseases, saving millions of lives.  The current Ebola virus has been attributed to infected wild and domestic animals passing the disease to humans.

Clive Bonny of Strategic Management Partners providing Growth Accelerator support to Safeguard says “This strategic merger of two successful owner-managed companies enables both to now provide a wider range of cost-effective services to commercial facilities managers. This is great news for the UK health and safety industry and for buyers of these specialist services.”

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Clive Bonny tele 01273 308865 or Safeguard Pest Control on 0800 328 4931.

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