Why Pest Control Should be a Priority for Managed Properties

Failed pest control can pose a serious problem for any business. However, there are a few pest control concerns which are unique to the managed property industry.

When it comes to renting out their portfolio of owned properties, many landlords choose to employ the services of a lettings agent or property management company. For a percentage of the rent, these companies assume the responsibility for the management of the property. It is their responsibility to advertise for new tenants when the property is vacant and to arrange viewings. They also carry out the necessary background checks on prospective new tenants, as well as ensuring all legal paperwork is completed correctly and deposit are processed according to government regulations.

It is also the responsibility of the management company to ensure any maintenance issues arising from the property are dealt with in accordance with the tenancy agreement. And this includes pest control.

Pest Control Consequences

Whether the property in question is for residential or commercial use, landlords have a moral and legal obligation to ensure they are maintained in a way which makes them fit for their intended use. This obligation includes making sure all permanent gas and electrical equipment is maintained and serviced regularly and any damage or unsafe equipment is either repaired or replaced promptly.

A landlord’s obligations also extend to ensuring their properties are free from infestation of pests. Failed pest control can lead to dissatisfied customers and the potential for litigation should anyone be injured or contract a disease due to coming into direct contact with infesting animals or their droppings. Many animals, such as birds or rodents, can also cause significant damage to personal property as they build their nests or attempt to access areas of the building, leaving further room for potential legal action.

When landlords hand over the management of their properties to a property management company, the responsibilities for managing effective pest control are also passed.

Managed Properties

Important Procedures

Most tenancy agreements will have a section dealing with the tenant’s responsibilities as it relates to pest control. Tenants will normally be required to ensure any issues relating to pest infestations are reported to the property management company as soon as they become aware of them.

If the tenant fails to do so, and any damage results from an infestation, they could be liable for the repairs.

However, it should be noted, some managed properties are landmark buildings or institutions, which won’t necessarily have a traditional on-site tenant to report these issues. In such cases, the responsibility will be on the property management company to ensure the properties are regularly patrolled and inspected for pest control issues.

In either case, once an issue has been discovered it is important that it be dealt with quickly and effectively. Many property management companies may be tempted to deal with the issue themselves, but this is not advisable. Pest animals can be dangerous and difficult to remove, and there is no one size fits all solution to dealing with them.

A Professional Pest Control Solution

At Safeguard Pest Control we understand that every property and pest control issue provide a unique combination of challenges. Therefore, we take the time to visit our new clients and design a bespoke pest control solution which is tailored to their situation.

This includes a complete and no-obligation site survey, which will help our professional staff provide the right solution for your managed properties. Regular patrols, consultation on everything from signs to look out for, reporting procedures and around the clock call out, are all part of the service we’ll design for you.

Our extensive knowledge and experience has already made us the preferred pest control partner for many of our nation’s landmark buildings including The Shard, Kings Cross, and St Pancras. However, we are not just limited to London, and have operations throughout the South East, so wherever your managed properties are, we can provide a solution for you.

Safeguard Pest Control has over 30 years’ experience in designing bespoke residential and commercial pest control solutions. Please get in touch and speak with the experts.

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