Thousands Raised to Care for Short Lives

A hospice charity which supports children, not expected to reach adulthood has been donated £6860.00 from a single fundraising event. The charity Together for Short Lives provides palliative and end of life care for young persons and their families. It is part of an international campaign which helps people in need from the point of diagnosis to have the best quality support wherever they live and for as long as they need it. Fundraising partner Safeguard Pest Control helped raise funds for the event hosted by Interserve PLC at Brocket Hall Golf Club in Hertfordshire.

Pictured Greg Fee
A rather wet Dany Matthews – a day not to forget your waterproofs

Safeguard fundraisers led by Director, Tim Sheehan endorsed the statement made by Interserve Chief Executive, Adrian Ringrose “If companies can visibly demonstrate the social and environmental value that they deliver, they will be rewarded by the public and their employees and trust will be earned”.

Both businesses jointly promote a Sustainabilities Programme which actively encourages business resources for social enterprise and charitable causes.

Tim and colleagues Greg Fee, James Sheehan and Dany Matthews completed the 6 kilometre course, in the rain, to show actions speak louder than words.  Safeguard showed their further support by sponsoring a Throw-a-dart select-a-club hole, which added an extra twist to an already challenging course.

Interserve PLC and Safeguard Pest Control are leaders in facilities management services ensuring health and safety in diverse public and private environments. Both organisations have seen rapid growth in their business activities in line with their responsible social and environmental policies and practices.

For more information contact James Sheehan

Responsible Business Advisor Clive Bonny 01273 308865

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