Expert Bedbug Treatments in Somerset

Warm summers, music festivals, heritage sites, beaches, the Exmoor National Park – Somerset has so much to offer.

The tourism economy is thriving in the county, attracting hordes of visitors each year.

These people all need a place to stay and businesses in the hospitality industry must compete for their custom.

As such, bed bug pest control is of vital importance for hotel, hostel and B&B operators in Somerset. Preventing and effectively dealing with bed bug infestations is crucial not only in terms of reputation, but the health and safety of employees and customers as well.

Signs of Bed Bugs

An infestation of bed bugs requires the services of a professional pest control company to get rid of the problem.

These insects are typically found in multi-occupancy buildings with rapid resident turnover, making all hotels,

hostels and B&Bs in Somerset potential bed bug hotbeds.

It is essential that infestations are detected as early as possible as bed bugs breed quickly

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. The female bed bug produces two to three eggs per day throughout her lifespan, which can be anything from several months to up to one year. Bed bugs are also expert “hitch hikers”, travelling from place to place and room to room, on clothes and inside suitcases.

This means that an infestation can spread throughout your establishment with staggering speed, causing reputational damage which can take a long time to repair.

There are several tell-tale signs that indicate a bed bug infestation. Should you, or any member of staff spot them, it is vital that you call in Somerset pest control specialists immediately to help you deal with the issue.


The most common sign of a bed bug infestation – and the one that business owners should be most alert to – is guests being bitten during the night. The reason why bed bugs are such a significant pest to hotel and B&B operators is because these insects feed on human blood.

Although they are not known to be carriers of disease, a bed bug bite can nonetheless be the source of severe irritation and allergic reaction, leaving a wound that is at risk of secondary infection.

Your guests will not appreciate being bitten during the night and may suffer emotional distress as a result. It is also unlikely that they will keep the experience to themselves, which doesn’t bode well for either your online, or word-of-mouth reputation. If any guest reports being bitten during their stay with you, Somerset pest control professionals must be called in without delay.

Blood Stains on Linen

Though small, a bed bug that is full from a fresh feed will contain enough blood to leave a visible stain on linen, mattresses or pyjamas.

When these little living blood capsules get squashed – as they often do when guests turn or move around in their sleep – that’s exactly what happens. As such, housekeeping needs to keep a keen eye out for dark red blood stains on bedclothes, as these are a sure sign of bed bug infestation.

Darker Stains

Not all stains that indicate the presence of bed bugs will be red, however. Like all living creatures, bed bugs build up waste matter that needs to be excreted. Even though all they feed on is blood, bed bug faecal matter is not red but a very dark brown – verging on black – colour.

Often, concentrations of such dark, faecal stains will be discovered around the edges of mattresses. If they are, this is a tell-tale sign of an infestation and should trigger an immediate call to Somerset pest control professionals.

Shed Skins

Regular housekeeping inspections are also important to discover other indicators of infestation.

Aside from blood and faecal stains, shed skins or exoskeletons must be looked out for. As bed bugs grow, they need to shed their skins about once a week. What they leave behind is a translucent, bed bugshaped shell. Admittedly, these shells are quite hard to spot.

Should any be found, it is almost certain that bed bugs are present and the pest control experts should be alerted at once.

Living Bugs and Eggs

The chances of a member of staff sighting a living bed bug by chance, is quite small. As such, they should be deliberately searched for on a regular basis; along the mattress edges, seams, headboards and bedframes.

What you’re looking for is a small bug about the size of a lentil or apple seed (3.5mm). They are light brown in colour and about the width of a credit card. A torch can be used to inspect mattresses, linen, towels and furniture.

During the inspection, keep an eye out for eggs, which are less than half a millimetre wide and pale cream in colour – another sure sign of infestation.

Expert Bed Bug Pest Control in Somerset from Baroque Pest Services

Bed bugs are proving to be a growing problem for hotel, hostel and B&B operators around the UK – and Somerset is no exception. Reputations are hard won but easily lost in the hospitality industry, so it’s essential that Somerset business owners don’t let tiny creatures cause big, expensive problems for their business.

At Baroque Pest Services, we have over 30 years’ experience designing and implementing bespoke commercial bed bug pest control solutions for businesses in Somerset. Our service is fast, effective and discreet and delivers peace of mind to all of our customers.

Baroque Pest Services serves all kinds of industries including: Bars, Pubs, Cafés, Restaurants, Hotels and B&Bs, as well as Nursing Homes, Factories, Warehouses and Organic Farms.

Contact your local pest control specialist today for a free quotation.

Baroque (SW) Limited was a family business established in October 1988 based in Plymouth. Over 30 years Baroque grew to become the most well-known regional pest control company in the South West of England before joining forces with Safeguard Pest Control in August 2018. As part of the Safeguard family, customers continue to receive exceptional pest control, bird control and washroom services. Every customer is important to us and we take pride in providing a top quality, reliable service. Our emphasis is on serving the customer to the best of our ability and building a long-term relationship of mutual trust and friendship. We have service technicians local to all areas of the South West Counties, so our customers can receive a prompt service from a technician who is familiar with the area and premises. Our experienced office staff are available from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday to answer any customer queries and give advice.

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