Pest Control in Dudley

Pest Control in Dudley

At Safeguard, we are proud of our reputation as one of the highest quality pest control companies in Dudley. Over our 30 years of experience in handling pest problems, we have honed our skills and knowledge base, and now we have everything we could ever need to clear out vermin from homes or businesses. Whatever you would like in the way of pest control in Dudley, we will be able to provide it for you.

Whether you have been looking for rat control, pigeon deterrents or wasp removal in Dudley, contact us today. Our staff are on hand to help whenever you need it, and our dedicated team of expert technicians are ready and waiting to be sent to your location.

It is highly likely that the types of pests you will see over the course of a year will change with the seasons. As an example, you may find that there are more swarms of insects around your property and grounds during warm weather and the summer months. Conversely, rats and mice may make more appearances inside your property as the cold weather sets in, as they look for somewhere to nest. Because of this, the pest control in Dudley that you need will probably change, depending on the time of year.

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Wasps Safeguard Pest Control

Our most common services for pest control in the DY1 ‒ 3 area include:

  • Humane Bee and Wasp Removal in Dudley (Including Nest Removal)
  • Insect (Ants, Bed Bugs and Beetles) Pest Control in Dudley
  • Rat Pest Control in Dudley
  • Bird Pest Control in Dudley

We are also able to offer a larger range of pest control services to our customers:

  • 24/7 emergency pest control in Dudley
  • Pest management for vermin of all shapes and sizes
  • Complete pest removal and post-treatment hygiene cleansing
  • Comprehensive property surveys and aftercare services provided
  • 30+ years of experience and BPCA certification

We know that we will have the solution to your pest infestation troubles, whether you are looking for wasp control, mouse removal or treatments for bed bugs. Call us and we will be able to discuss the problem your property has, before our team is sent out to take care of it.

Our Process for Pest Control in Dudley

When we arrive at a property, we will carry out a several-step process that we have made part of our professional service, and which has been perfected over the years that we have worked as Dudley pest controllers. This process will always begin with the identification of the pest troubling your property. 

Once we have done this, we will then decide on the best, most efficient method of treatment, before applying it to the affected area.

After this, we will examine the area again, and when the treatment has worked, we will set out a series of methods for preventing pests from entering your property again in the future.

When we inspect your property, we will examine all the doors, windows, floorboards, air vents, drains and exterior walls.


There are three factors which determine the method of treatment we will use on your property. These are the type, size and severity of your pest problem, and they all play a part in our decision because some pest problems will take different methods of treatment to be removed. Some may also take longer to remove than others. For example, removing a wasp nest will take a shorter amount of time to complete than a treatment for rat control, and will require a different method to be effectively carried out.

For most properties, we will be able to start treatment as soon as we have discovered the pest problem. However, this may not alway be the case. If the problem is particularly large or severe, we may have to return with more equipment in order to ensure that the treatment is carried out as thoroughly as it needs to be.

We understand that you have a busy day-to-day schedule and we do not wish to disturb this, so when you call to book our treatment, we will be more than happy to plan our work around your routine.

To learn more about the pest control treatments we offer to homes and businesses in Dudley, get in touch with us today. Our staff are all fully qualified and more than capable of answering any questions you may have.


Once we have applied a treatment and some time has passed, we will inspect the area to see how effective the method has been. In most cases, the treatment will have worked entirely and we will be able to move on to the next part of the process. If it has not entirely worked, then we will carry out another inspection of your property, looking for any more places that pests may have been hiding. 

We may also consider further methods of treatment, such as sealing up cracks in walls and placing down baited rat traps.


The final stage of our process is to ensure that pests cannot re-enter your property, once all of our treatments have been carried out. The preventative measures we will carry out depend on the type of pests you have had on your property before, so we have a large selection that may apply to individual cases.

For more information about the preventative measures we can use on your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can answer any queries about these methods.

Pest Control in Dudley and Prices

As one of the highest rated pest control firms in Dudley, we aim to keep our prices just as focused towards the needs of our customers as our services. This is why we aim to ensure they are as competitive as we can make them, helping your budget as our treatments help your property.

If you wish to know more about our services for pest control in Dudley and prices we can match, call us today.

Contact Us for Pest Control in Dudley Today

If you are looking for a reliable, professional pest control service that can clear out your property completely, get in touch with Safeguard today. We understand that having pests somewhere on your property can feel uncomfortable, and this is something we want to help our customers with, by removing the problem and letting you relax in your own space again. No matter where you are in Dudley, whether you are based in Kates Hill, London Fields or Baptist End, our team can be there in no time. So, contact us today and let us help you get your home pest-free again as soon as possible.

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