Pest Control Within Social Housing

Maintaining a pest-free environment within a social housing development can often be an item of dispute. The responsibility is often divided between the landlord, housing association, and tenant.

The first step towards determining the roles and responsibilities of each party with regards to pest control, is reading the terms and conditions of the tenancy contract.

Keep in mind that the rules and regulations regarding pest management will differ from one property to the next.  These differences will be influenced by the relevant local laws, local council housing regulations, and previous experiences of the property managers, among other factors.

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The local council will be clear within their terms and conditions of who is responsible for the cost of any required pest eradication, as well as which areas these responsibilities cover.  For example, it is often found that a local council or housing association are responsible for pest control within the communal areas of a multi dwelling property, however the tenants are responsible for any problem within their flat or apartment.  This does however vary between properties.

The local council may also put time restrictions on when the cost of pest eradication is the responsibility of the council or housing association.

For example, the local council may take the responsibility of insect control, such as wasps, during a certain time period after the start of the tenancy.

Depending on the terms and conditions, required pest treatments may be free of charge, however many treatments will incur a charge for the tenants.

If a re-infestation of a previously controlled pest is found to be present due to the result of a tenant’s unhygienic habits, the local council may deem the tenant responsible for the pest control works and costs.

It is essential that it is quickly determined whose responsibility a pest problem is and then to promptly start treatment through a professional pest control contractor.

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