How to Solve Rodent Problems in Your Business

Rodents can be a big problem for any business. They cause damage, spread disease and if just one single customer spots one rat or mouse, reputations can be destroyed in an instant. In the age of smartphones and social media, bad news travels faster than the plague.

The problems don’t stop there.

Such news will, of course, find its way to the local authorities. When it does, the business should expect a prompt visit from an environmental health officer. If a rodent infestation is discovered, a warning will be issued with instructions to enlist the services of a professional pest control company to remove it. Failure to do this can result in a hefty fine and the business may even be temporarily or permanently closed down.

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However, prevention is better than cure and with proper action, businesses can protect themselves against rodents and the problems they cause proactively. How? By not waiting for infestations to take hold before calling in the experts.

Only by seeking professional business pest control contracts as a permanent measure, can businesses ensure that rodent infestations never occur in the first place. In this way, proprietors can rest assured that they never have to face the potentially ruinous consequences that rodents carry with them wherever they go.

An Unshakeable Reputation

Of all pests, rodents undoubtedly have the worst reputation. It is not undeserved, either. According to the British Pest Control Association’s National Survey, rats and mice account for a combined 266,567 pest control callouts every year – more than every other pest type combined. If we factor in less common rodents such as squirrels, the rodent market share grows even stronger.

Much like the diseases they carry, this reputation is infectious. A business with a rodent problem will soon be associated with all of the creatures’ less favourable attributes – uncleanliness, poor hygiene, ill-health and contagion.

Make no mistake – no matter the business, this reputation will stick, customers will stop coming through the door and a company’s name may be tainted forever. Long-term profitability will be affected, and a business may be forced to shut its doors for good.

It is therefore essential for organisations of all types, to secure robust business pest control contracts to ensure they maintain reputability for good hygiene and cleanliness at all times.

Let’s consider some key industries where rodents can cause severe problems.

Rodents in Hospitality and Food Service Companies

Rodent infestations are particularly hazardous to pubs, hotels, restaurants, care homes and any business responsible for the preparation and/or service of food. Squirrels, rats and mice can chew through packaging and contaminate food, as well as cause damage to kitchen equipment.

Should an employee or customer come into contact with a rodent, its droppings, or the damage that it has inflicted, then it is possible they can contract one of many infections or diseases that rodents carry – losing the business more revenue through staff absence or loss of custom.

Care homes should be especially cautious when it comes to rodent infestations. The residents of these homes are often weak and frail or in poor health and are particularly susceptible to the diseases which rodents can spread.

Factories and Warehouses

Rodents are known to target industrial areas for their nesting. Properties such as factories and warehouses make ideal homes for rats and mice as they offer warmth, shelter and a steady supply of food and drink.

Pooling water and food products are easily available for the rodents to consume. Product packaging can be torn and nibbled away for nesting materials; dark secluded corners of industrial buildings make ideal locations in which the animals can build their homes.

As with the hospitality industry, the effect of this can result in rodents destroying products and contaminating food – leading to loss of revenue and the loss of staff and customers through the spread of disease. They can also chew through cables and wiring, leading to the damage and breakdown of crucial machinery which can cost thousands to repair or replace.

Agriculture and Forestry

Rats, mice and squirrels can pose serious problems for any agricultural or forestry-related business. While all the same reasons already discussed are also present for these industries, there are some others which are unique to them.

Rodents can cause severe damage to crops and trees as they scavenge for food and build their nests. Baby trees which have been recently planted are in particular danger as their relatively soft wood is easy for these animals to chew through.

Obviously, the loss of a crop due to disease or consumption can be detrimental to farms which rely on being able to harvest certain products at specific times to stay profitable. Planting times for many crops are incredibly sensitive, meaning it is not simply a case of growing more – the harvest will be lost for another year.

Preventative Measures

One way in which you can help prevent rodents is by being cautious of where your waste is stored. Bins should be secure and regularly emptied – you should never leave refuse bags exposed as rodents can chew through them easily. Where possible, refuse areas should be as far away from the main building as they can be, as this will make it harder for pests to move from one building to another, without being spotted.

Another simple measure which can be taken to help prevent a rodent infestation is increasing staff awareness. Implementing a ‘clean as you go’ policy will ensure any spillages are cleaned up straight away, reducing food and drink sources for the rodents. It is important to keep food off the floor and rotate stock regularly, checking packaging for signs of damage. By removing these attractors from your commercial property, you significantly reduce the chances of rodents being drawn to your premises.

It is crucial for all employees – business owners, site managers, facilities managers, office managers and cleaning managers – to work together to establish and maintain policy in this regard.

Staff members who are aware of the signs and risks that rodents carry will be far more observant and vigilant in spotting them. Sightings should be noted and reporting procedures followed. Business pest control contracts will lay out key contact information and what kind of response time you can expect.

The Solution – Business Pest Control Contracts 

To ensure that your business is fully protected from the damage that rodents can cause, you will need a business pest control contract which is professional, effective and tailored to your needs.

Safeguard has over 30 years’ experience in dealing with pests, so please get in contact today for a free expert consultation or call us 01752 862908.

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