Pest Bird Control: Keeping Food Processing Facilities Clear

Failed pest bird control can mean chaos for nearly every business. However, when it comes to food processing facilities, the consequences can be even more severe.

Any company which deals with the manufacturing and/or packaging of food products has a lot to lose should they become infested by pest birds. Stock, property and reputation can all be irrevocably damaged, and business can be vulnerable to expensive litigation, investigation or even closure. Food processing facilities in the UK and EU are subject to a multitude of strict laws and regulations which must be adhered to, if a company is to avoid serious consequences.

Pest birds, in particular, provide significant hazards and pest control challenges to food processing facilities and it is therefore important to know what the risks are and how to ensure your business remains clear of avian infestation.

Commercial Food Processing Premises are a Haven for Birds

It’s often the case that people expect to find birds mainly located in urban areas, but gulls, crows, starlings and more, can often be found in out-of-town commercial properties and industrial estates. Commercial areas provide a ready made source of food, building materials for nests and shelter, which birds are all too eager to take advantage off. Combine this convenience with predictable occupancy schedules and commercial premises offer an attractive prospect for nesting birds.

 Bird pest Control

When it comes to seeking the ideal nesting location, any property which produces, and stores food products is going to be highly desirable to pest birds. Therefore food processing facilities are at a much higher risk of infestation.

Birds can damage property as they seek to gain access, ripping through roof felt and even damaging slate tiles.

Once inside they will tear apart packaging materials to access the food inside and to build their nests. Birds, especially during mating or nesting seasons can be very aggressive, and some larger species, such as gulls, can be particularly threatening.

In addition, birds carry and spread a multitude of diseases through bodily contact, droppings and food contamination. These diseases can be bacterial, fungal and viral and range from the relatively benign, to potentially fatal. Bird droppings can also cause respiratory illnesses should they be allowed to dry out and atomise and, due to their acidic composition, can damage and corrode wood, stone, metal, paintwork, and clothing, as well as presenting a significant slipping hazard.

Pest Bird Control

There are many ways you can try and avoid your food processing plant becoming a nesting ground for pest birds.

Ensure any waste materials are tidied up promptly and kept in a secure skip. Food products should similarly be stored in secure warehouses and regular patrols should be made to ensure no animals are present or have attempted to gain access. Large numbers of birds gathering around your property, particularly as the sun goes down, are a good sign that your facility is being targeted, so be vigilant for signs of access.

Permanent installations such as netting, bird wire or spikes can offer humane and effective deterrents, by reducing the number of locations within your property where birds can comfortably roost or build nests. Accordingly, one of the best ways to ensure your property remains free of avian intruders is to employ the services of a professional and experienced bird control expert. A company such as Safeguard Pest Control will visit your property, discuss your concerns and design a bespoke bird control solution, tailor-made for your business.

They will be able to educate your staff on signs to look out for and reporting procedures, as well as advise on the best permanent installations as appropriate. They have access to the most up to date knowledge and equipment available, supported by over 30 years of on the job experience. They can also use innovative solutions such as deploying specially trained birds of prey into the environment to discourage other birds from settling.

The Professional Solution

Safeguard Pest Control can tackle all manner of infesting animals for commercial and residential properties. With a free and no obligation site survey they will be able to recommend the right solution for your food processing facility.

Please get in touch today for more information.

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