Getting Rid of Spiders – Ultimate Pest Control

Even though none of the UK’s spiders are venomous, some can give you a nasty bite and therefore is crucial. However, for many people arachnophobia can mean they ensure that their home or workplace is always spider free.

There are many different ways of using pest control to get rid of spiders. Let’s start with the non-chemical methods that help prevent spiders coming into your home or business.

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Outside Prevention:

  • Spiders love vegetation and places to hide; move these away from the outside walls.
  • They can squeeze through any small gaps or cracks around window and door frames; sealing these up can help prevent spiders from crawling inside.
  • If you have a real dread of spiders cover all vent pipes and air bricks with fine mesh – make sure there’s still sufficient ventilation.
  • Try not to leave outside lights on. The lights themselves won’t attract spiders but they can attract other insects that spiders will enjoy eating.
  • Likewise, use curtains or window blinds to block out light to help prevent moths and other insects being attracted to your home or workplace.

Inside Prevention:

  • Regular hoovering will pick-up food sources for spiders.
  • Use the nozzle attachment of your hoover to suck them up – remember to empty the bag or container otherwise they’ll crawl back out again!
  • Place the plugs in your sink, basin and bath to help prevent them from crawling up.
  • A good old-fashioned broom or dustpan and brush can be used to sweep them up and pop them back outside.

Pest control methods:

  • Glue boards can be place in dark corners, under cupboards and beds. Note: They won’t get rid of any spider’s eggs or webs; nor will they be effective on all species of spiders.
  • Commercial spray insecticides can be used; make sure to follow the instructions correctly.
  • Call in a professional company if you have a really bad infestation that you can’t get rid of yourself.

Of course you can always just pick them up with a soft tissue and place them outside or even try old fashioned home remedies for getting rid of spiders such as spraying them with vinegar, placing chestnuts in the corners of your rooms or deterring them by spraying diluted peppermint oil around door and window frames, apparently spiders really don’t like peppermint and will run the other way!

For further information on keeping pest control on spiders at bay, and investing in quality deterrents that are guaranteed, call Safeguard Pest Control on 0800 328 4931.

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