How To Get Rid of Pigeons Without Hurting Them

There are many methods of humanely and naturally getting rid of a pigeon nest or pigeon poop problem. The noise and health concerns from pigeons are a legitimate concern for people, and they can even cause structural damage to a building. Whether pigeons are nesting on window sills, balconies, under solar panels or within other areas of a roof you can find plenty of home remedies to deter pigeons and make roosting areas less appealing for many types of birds.

Safeguard Pest Pigeons

A pigeon nest is a natural occurrence, and they are drawn to more developed areas because there are many places where they can find a food source. Pigeons can have loud calls, particularly at the times of year when they breed. Noise from pigeons can penetrate very thick roofs and occur throughout the day and night, which can disrupt sleep and result in a lower quality of life. The health concerns from pigeon poop also harm humans and pets, so it is important to deter them.

Using methods such bird gels, bird netting, spike strips and ultrasonic devices can take advantage of the natural responses that pigeons have – while providing a humane approach to pest control that will not harm the pigeons. As experts in various types of bird control, we can recommend how to get rid of pigeons without hurting them. For a reliable and professional solution please contact us.


In many cases, there is no need to harm pigeons when dealing with them. There are many ways to get rid of pigeons, and humanely solving a pigeon problem with bird control is quite possible. Here we will look at some of the best options.

The following are some ways to humanely deal with pigeons:


Whether you have a large scale problem or just a few occasional issues with pigeons bird netting is a good option, particularly for balconies and areas that are hard to access. High-level roof spaces can benefit greatly from bird netting.

Some advantages of using bird netting include the following:

  • Non-invasive: Installing bird netting will not have much of a visual impact, especially from a distance. If you have bird netting on a roof you are not likely to notice it at all. Even on a balcony, maximum light will pass through.
  • Fast results: There is no waiting to see if this solution is effective. Pigeons and other birds simply cannot get through the netting, which is the basic principle of how it works – so as soon as you put it up the problem is gone. 
  • Versatile: It is possible to install netting in all directions and over all obstacles, such as awkward roof shapes, awnings or statues. Our highly-trained installation teams also navigate any space at a fast pace.

Bird netting is strong and will be equally effective against seagulls and other larger birds. You can also expect it to last through all types of weather as the synthetic cords can resist harsh rain, snow and cold or hot temperatures.


Choosing bird spikes is a very effective method of pigeon control and, despite their appearance, they are completely harmless. The spikes simply do not allow the birds enough room to build a nest, so long as they have proper placement.

The benefits of bird spikes include the following:

  • Useful in many areas: Pigeons are clever and will spot any nesting space. However, you can install bird spikes anywhere with a high degree of precision – which makes them ideal on exposed sills, balcony rails or beams.
  • Long-lasting: Bird spikes are usually very rugged and durable, for example we provide bird spikes made from stainless steel and with a polycarbonate base in our installations, so they will last and resist sunlight or weather.
  • Cost-effective: Choosing bird spikes is a relatively cheap way to control birds without hurting them, as they use small amounts of materials. Effective spacing means you require a relatively small amount of spikes.

Bird spokes do not poke or harm the pigeons in any way, they are a simple deterrent for keeping birds from building their nests. Using bird spikes is a helpful and harmless way to get rid of pigeons – but you will require a reliable installer.


Gels work by providing an ultraviolet surface for the pigeons, which manipulates their physiology and triggers their flight response – making them think that the area is a threat to them, and therefore not a good place to nest.

There a several reasons bird gels are a good choice including the following:

  • Non-toxic: Bird gels are completely harmless and make use of natural oils, so they are harmless to pigeons or other animals that may chance upon it. Bird gels also do not harm the environment in any way.
  • Invisible: While the birds will pick up on the ultraviolet light, you will not see anything at all. Gels are possibly the most discreet method of bird control and will work brilliantly on old buildings or outdoor sculptures.
  • Long-lasting: Gels are not a permanent solution but will be effective for over a year or more before replacement is necessary. How long a gel will work for depends on how reliably the installation is carried out.

Bird gels are a popular and effective form of alternative bird control, and will not cause any harm. Gels are a clever solution as they manipulate the pigeon’s natural responses to light, and they also smell and taste unpleasant to the pigeons.


Birds have a different way of hearing than humans and are more sensitive to certain frequencies. You can install ultrasonic sound devices that manipulate the birds by emitting bothersome sound waves that humans will not hear.

Potential perks of choosing ultrasonic sound devices include the following:

  • Small and discreet: You will not need to place devices all over a space, as they cover a good distance. There is a limit to their range, so larger spaces will require more than one device to make sure coverage is even.
  • Low maintenance: Despite using electronic waves these ultrasonic sound machines use a very small amount of power. As a result, you will not need to replace batteries very often – and there are also solar-powered options.
  • Permanent solution: Birds will stay away from the space where the ultrasonic sound is coming from as long as the devices are functioning. With a solar-powered device, this solution is permanently effective.

Ultrasonic sound is a clever way to humanely push pigeons away. Many people prefer ultrasonic founds machines because they are compact and easy – they require a simple installation and will not disrupt the appearance of any building. 


The large amounts of food and rubbish that humans leave around is what causes the pigeons to flourish, and our buildings are just the same as trees to them in terms of viability for nesting. As a result, it can seem wrong to harm pigeons for doing what they do naturally and humane management is a better option.

Pigeon problems happen because of humans, not because of the pigeons themselves. With less natural habitat to live in pigeons naturally select areas where they have the best chance of survival in, so they can breed and carry on their pigeon communities. For a professional and humane option get in touch.


The following are some common questions and further details on how to get rid of pigeons without hurting them and the services we provide:

What do pigeons hate?

Pigeons do not hate bird spikes, bird gels or ultrasonic sound devices – they simply find them uncomfortable and it makes the areas where they are installed less desirable as nesting or perching spaces. Pigeons do naturally hate certain things though, and you can take advantage of these to effectively repel pigeons. For example, a pigeon scarer in the shape of an owl will trick the pigeons into thinking a predator is nearby and prevent them from nesting. Pigeons also hate the smell of mothballs, so placing these around a roof space can be an effective way of repelling them. Pigeons are also averse to strong-smelling things such as pepper or cinnamon. Using a spicy pepper powder mixed with vinegar or water and spraying it liberally over an area will repel pigeons very well, but you will need to repeat this fairly frequently.

What home remedies get rid of pigeons?

A simple trick for getting rid of pigeons without hurting them is to take advantage of their psychological responses. A neat trick is to use old tennis balls and place them on sticks or the end of fence posts. Pigeons naturally believe that round spherical shapes are eyes, and will confuse them with the eyes of a predator. For extra effectiveness try to use brightly-coloured balls, such as orange and pink tennis balls, so they are visible to the pigeons from the furthest distance.

What is the best deterrent for pigeons?

Some of the best deterrents for pigeons are not necessarily the most humane. However, of the methods of humanely getting rid of pigeons, bird spikes may be the best. Bird spikes are an easy and effective method of deterrence – they simply make a roosting or nesting area unviable. Other humane methods, such as bird scarers, arguably alarm the pigeons to frighten them off – so choosing bird spikes controls pigeons humanely, and with minimal distress.

For a professional approach to getting rid of pigeons without hurting them please feel free to contact us for a free quote.

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