How to Get Rid of Pigeons on Rooftops: The 6 Best Methods and Home Remedies

Pigeon poop and noise will cause a lot of issues – notably disturbances to residents from their frequent calls and health concerns from their droppings. As a result, removing pigeons from a roof or other space is not just desirable but essential. However, some methods of handling pigeons are more effective in some spaces than others. Methods that work in an open field may not work on a roof, for example.

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There are two primary methods of getting rid of pigeons humanely and naturally on a roof. You can repel pigeons or scare them away. The best bird repellents will teach pigeons that an area is out of bounds and, as a communal species, groups will continue to communicate this with one another over several generations. You can also deter pigeons from landing in the first place. Bird deterrents work by scaring pigeons from the area and stopping them landing in the first place.

Here, we will identify how to get rid of pigeons on roof spaces in particular. All methods of removing pigeons from the area in this list are harm-free and will simply persuade birds to nest or perch somewhere else. As leading experts in pest and bird control in the UK, we have the knowledge and expertise to recommend the most effective methods. 

Please feel free to contact us for a professional method of getting rid of pigeons on a roof or any other space.


We are experts on how to get rid of pigeons in many settings and one of the fundamental aspects of pigeon control is identifying potential roosting areas. There is no point in trying a method of pigeon control in the wrong place, so it is a crucial first step. 

Pigeons are attracted to specific areas within a roof. These may also extend to balcony railings and window sills, but on a roof space specifically you will find solar panels, guttering or any decorative roof awnings and overhangs provide excellent nooks and crannies where pigeons can roost.

Bird feeders will provide an excellent food source for pigeons, so they will definitely consider the roof spaces nearby to be ideal roosting areas. If you have a bird feeder outside of a shed or nearby a low roof in your house, this is a potential area.

Identifying roosting areas is the first step. After identifying the roosting areas you can try the following pigeon control methods, all of which work particularly well for roofs.

1: Gel Repellents

Bird gels are entirely natural and non-toxic, they simply smell and taste unpleasant to the pigeons. Gels can also give off an ultraviolet glow to the pigeons, which resembles flames – so it warns them off from nesting or landing in the first place.

Bird repellent gels are excellent because they cover a lot of bases and repel pigeons in terms of sight, smell and taste – which means they pack a lot of punch into a small package. Bird gels are also a very cost-effective option.

Gels are effective bird repellents and are available in little pots that you can strategically place in roosting areas. Many gels pots also come with magnetic undersides, so you can affix them to the sides of pipes or other metallic surfaces.

2: Ultrasonic Devices

If you are looking for a technological solution to get rid of pigeons on a roof, or any targeted area, then ultrasonic sound machines are a good option. These devices emit a distressing sound wave frequency to the pigeons, which a human is unable to hear.

Ultrasonic devices have the advantage of being very small and compact, they also will not smell or have any impact on humans. It is entirely possible to think they are not even doing anything – were it not for the light indicator that most have.

Placing ultrasonic devices can be difficult in high-level roofs, as they need to be in a location in direct proximity to the roosting areas. With proper placement ultrasonic sound waves are an effective way of dispersing pigeons on a roof.

3: Reflective Surfaces

Pigeons do not like reflecting light or mirrored surfaces. As a result, it is possible to ward off pigeons by putting mirrors, aluminium foil and other shiny objects nearby to the roof spaces where they congregate. Many options are DIY and work as home remedies.

Reflective surfaces are a fairly low tech solution that most people can try at home. If you have a flat roof then placing a mirror on it is quite an easy and safe option. You can also use tin foil and old cans on pitched roof areas to deter pigeons away.

If you are having trouble locating the roosting areas you can use hanging mirrors, an old CD will work well, to ensure you have a reflective surface that moves and spins in the wind. Doing this will ensure maximum reflectivity over a large area.

4: Anti-roosting Spikes

One of the most effective ways to get rid of pigeons within a roof space is to install anti-roosting spikes. Anti-roosting spike strips will make roofs much less appealing for pigeons to perch or roost, as they do not have the necessary space to move between the spikes or build their nests.

Anti-roosting spikes require expert spacing and proper installation for them to be effective, especially at high levels. This is why all of our bird spike installers have training in working at height and are also IPAF, IRATA and CSCS qualified.

You might think that roosting spikes will affect the look of your roof, but they are very thin and hard to see – especially from a distance. Bird spikes are an extremely fast-acting and low-maintenance method to get rid of pigeons in a roof space.

5: Decoys and Pigeon Scarers

Taking advantage of the natural flight instincts that pigeons have is another way to effectively get rid of them from a roof. By using decoys, in the shape of falcons and many other predatory bird species, it is possible to trick pigeons into believing that a source of danger is nearby.

You can make use of purpose-built decoys that look very realistic, but there are also DIY ways you can use the pigeon’s natural responses to your advantage. Pigeons will respond to spherical shapes so you can try coloured balls on sticks.

Decoys will make an impact on specific problem areas of a roof, but you should remember that there are some issues if you are trying to cover a large space. The further away a predator is, decoy or real, the less of a threat the pigeons will find it.

6: Bird Netting

For an instant response then you can install bird netting across the affected area of a roof. Using bird netting is a way of completely shielding a space from pigeons and many other larger birds – including seagulls and starlings. Netting also works very well on high levels.

One advantage of bird netting is that you can navigate awkward shapes quite easily, so roofs with multiple pitches or protruding windows can benefit from the same levels of protection. At high levels, bird netting will require expert installers.

Using bird netting works on larger areas and will make it easier to completely remove even a very extensive pigeon infestation from big roof spaces. It will  also have a lasting result, as properly installed bird netting is very low maintenance.

Other DIY Tips and Home Remedies

It can be frustrating and confusing to figure out how to get rid of pigeons on a roof space, but there are several home remedies you can try. See the following tips and test to see if a small pigeon problem will improve with these methods:

  • Strong smelling sprays: Try putting a spray with a spicy pepper or herb mix, such as cayenne pepper and cinnamon, into a mixture of water and vinegar before coating the roof area. Pigeons hate foul or strong smells.
  • Nest removal: If you find a nest in your roof then simply removing it can encourage the pigeons to find another roosting area. Pigeons do not like human interaction and will see the removal as a reason to nest elsewhere.
  • Wind chimes: A roof is usually susceptible to a large amount of wind, so you can take advantage of a pigeon’s reaction to noise. Hanging wind chimes will provide a steady noise disturbance to deter pigeons off a roof.

Sometimes pigeon issues will respond well to home remedies, so it is worth trying these if you are unsure of the scale of the problem or the disturbances are only minor. However, in some cases, a professional solution will be necessary.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons on Roof Spaces Permanently

Many pigeon control solutions are available for people to try on a roof, and most will have some effectiveness no matter the scale of the problem. However, pigeons may return when using any of the above methods that require ongoing maintenance.

To reliably get rid of perching or nesting pigeons on a roof or other space permanently it may be necessary to seek out a professional method of intervention. 

As experts in a variety of bird control solutions in the UK we can help, so please get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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