Case study: 22 Bishopsgate


Principle Cleaning are London’s leading cleaning contractor in landmark properties and specialise in providing cleaning and soft services to high profile organisations in prestigious buildings. As one of London’s few remaining privately owned, medium sized cleaning companies they have a wealth of experience, management, and technical resource available to them to deliver a high-quality service based on diligence.
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Safeguard successfully proofed the ingress locations, totalling over 400m2

80 sheets

80 sheets of 8’ x 4’ 12 gauge galvanised steel mesh were installed to the building structure at roof level
"I just wanted to pass on my huge thanks to say how impressed I was with the service provided by Safeguard in installing the bird [Falcon and feral pigeon] proofing to our building. Not to mention it being carried out 912 feet in the air! The whole process was managed smoothly, professionally, and with that ever present positive attitude. Having worked with closely with you guys for over 10 years, on the tallest buildings in Western Europe, you have been nothing but a pleasure to work with! I look forward to many more years of it."
Lisa Lovell
Account Manager, Principle Cleaning Services


Principle Cleaning Services Ltd were tasked with proofing the opening between the mesh ceiling and the gallery wall on the 61st floor of the building. The openings were allowing wild birds (Feral Pigeons and Peregrine Falcons) to fall through the gap and into the 61st floor gallery.

Having wild birds enter the gallery area presented huge challenges in maintaining health and safety protocols, infection control and the potential harm to the birds themselves.

Completing the work safely due to the need to work at height, and to maintain the integrity of the building was paramount on this project. There was also the need to ensure there was no compromise in the resistance to rainwater following the installation to the building structure.

Peregrine Falcon rescued

A young Peregrine Falcon was rescued from the 61st Floor gallery.

st floor gallery

The 61st Floor gallery, where the wild birds were getting access.



With the support of Principle Cleaning Services Ltd, Safeguard overcame the challenging access restrictions and extreme height of this project by utilising a highly skilled and professional IRATA trained abseil team. This job was not for the faint hearted!

When the abseil team were securely in position, they were tasked with installing sheets of steel mesh to secure the openings and entry points above the 61st floor gallery.

No mean feat in changeable weather conditions and being on the top of one of London’s tallest buildings.


Firstly, Safeguard had the desire to achieve client satisfaction, no matter the challenges presented before and during this project. This was only achieved through our knowledge, experience, and the ability of our highly skilled staff on what was truly a unique and challenging project. In addition to this the wild birds have been permanently denied access to the gallery space, removing any risk to staff or wildlife.


Before & after
Open gaps between the steel girders allowed bird ingress.
Successful installation of weld mesh. Access by wild birds denied.