Professional Pest Control for Companies in Cornwall

Turquoise waters, sandy beaches, clifftop walks, stylish hotels and dozens of pretty, quaint villages dotted around its truly dramatic coastline, Cornwall has emerged as one of the world’s most iconic destinations, attracting millions of visitors each year.

Leisure and tourism is at the heart of Cornwall’s economy, accounting for as much as 25% of employment and a significant proportion of the county’s GDP, according to recent research. Surfers, hikers, foodies, art enthusiasts and sailors – all flock to Cornwall throughout the year, while the Easter-to-autumn period sees many families loading the car and heading down the A30 for a well-earned seaside break from the city.

Cornish towns may be small, but the constant stream of visitors keep them busy, creating great competition between pubs, restaurants, local shops and hotels. Reputation is everything in such an environment – which is precisely why seeking professional professional pest control services in Cornwall is essential for every company that wants to survive in the county.

Pest Problems in Cornwall

Unfortunately, as with all busy, popular locations, Cornwall is no stranger to pest problems.

Cornwall Live recently produced a Rat Map of Cornwall – a heatmap of the county’s most worrisome pest hotspots. The map is based on data pertaining to the number of calls Cornwall Council received concerning pests of any nature, including rats, mice and cockroaches.

scenic cornish harbour where pest control is needed

Surfer l Rat Control for Businesses in Cornwall

The data reveals that some of Cornwall’s most-visited locations are also its worst offenders in terms of pest activity. Penzance and Camborne top the list, with Helston, Falmouth, Redruth, St. Ives, Newquay, St. Austell and Truro following close behind. In all, Cornwall Council received pest control calls from 66 different Cornish towns over the period of the study.

What’s important for businesses to realise, however, is that Cornwall Council does not deal with pest control issues directly – it simply gives advice.

What this means is that businesses need to seek out professional pest control services in Cornwallthemselves to prevent unwanted infestations of rats, mice, insects and all other pests. “The stats referred to in the [Freedom of Information] response are where people have contacted us and we have provided advice,” said a spokesperson for Cornwall Council. “Some may have resulted in a visit from an Environmental Health Officer, but again, this will have been to provide advice, not a pest control service.We don’t provide a pest control service, we recommend that people contact a private pest control company.”

The Business Costs of a Pest Infestation

Rats and other pest species are clearly making their presence known all over Cornwall.

Business owners need to take note. Infestations can be ruinous for a company – especially one that relies on its good reputation to keep tourists coming through the door. Whether it’s rats in restaurants, bed bugs in hotel rooms, mice in takeaways or cockroaches in pubs, it only takes one incident for a business’ hard-won reputation to be destroyed overnight. If a customer spots any sign at all of pest activity at your establishment, you should expect the news – perhaps even with accompanying smartphone photographs or footage – to be posted on social media and online review sites.

There are other business impacts to consider as well. The threat of compensation claims is a serious one should a customer feel their health and safety has been put at risk by consuming contaminated food or staying at a hotel, pub or B&B where pests are present.

If a claim is made, inspections from local environmental health authorities will ensue. Should an infestation be discovered during the inspection, the business can face court action, leading to fines, prosecution and even permanent or temporary closure.

Pests also cause damage.

Rats and mice will chew through both soft and hard materials, resulting in damaged and contaminated stock, as well as equipment, machinery or building structure. Damaged goods will need to be repaired or replaced at the business’ expense.

In addition, the business may need to close while the infestation is dealt with, resulting in lost footfall, reputation, revenue and profits. Staff morale will also suffer. The presence of pests is stressful for all concerned and you may soon find your employees become demoralised. These same employees may even air their grievances publicly, once again putting your reputation at risk.

Only by seeking professional pest control services in Cornwall can local businesses protect themselves against these threats.

Pest Control Services in Cornwall from

With competition high for trade and public health and safety at stake, businesses in Cornwall simply cannot afford to be without an adequate pest control service delivered by local professionals.

At Baroque Pest Services part of Safeguard, we have over 30 years’ experience designing and implementing bespoke pest control solutions for businesses in Cornwall. Our pest control services in Cornwall begin with a free consultation and risk assessment. We will then tailor a bespoke pest control contract that suits your business’s precise needs.

Baroque Pest Services serves all kinds of industries including: Bars, Pubs, Cafés, Restaurants, Hotels and B&Bs, as well as Nursing Homes, Factories, Warehouses and Organic Farms. Contact your local pest control specialist today for a free quotation.

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