Humane Pest Bird Control Methods to Protect Your Business

Professional pest bird control is essential for every business with a physical premises – be it on the high street, office block, or industrial estate. While many species of birds are quite harmless in urban environments and don’t cause any problems, others – such as pigeons, gulls, sparrows, starlings, crows, rooks, jackdaws and magpies – can thrive and become a pest when their numbers increase.

Attracted by food supplies made available by human activities and the safe shelter provided by man-made structures, these birds roost and make their nests on buildings and can quickly amass large and noisy populations, cause damage and foul the building and surrounding area.

And these aren’t the only problems that pest birds cause. Of particular note is the risk to public health. Birds and their droppings can carry over 60 diseases, many of which are airborne and can be transferred to humans simply by breathing them in. From histoplasmosis to candidiasis, salmonellosis and E. coli, the public health threats of an out-of-control pest bird population are very serious indeed. What’s more, many pest bird species are often carriers of parasites, which are also disease-ridden and capable of infesting structures and biting humans.

Droppings are also unsightly, cause a bad, lingering smell and will do your business’ reputation no good at all. When fresh or in wet weather, bird droppings also create a slipping hazard for customers, employees and passers-by.

Bird nests are also a problem. They can clog gutters and drains, causing damp and giving rise to a risk of flooding and they also pose a serious fire risk when located near electrical outlets such as lighting.

Humane Pest Brid Control Methods

With so many problems arising from an infestation of birds, the only solution to protect your business premises is with the assistance of a professional pest bird control specialist. Calling in the experts really is the only option, as birds and their nests are protected under law and therefore only approved and humane methods can be used to control their numbers.

As such, the best humane pest bird control methods are preventative. Let’s take a look at some of the pest bird control solutions we deploy at Safeguard.

Birds of Prey

Falconry is a particularly effective method of getting rid of an unwanted pest bird infestation. Introducing what

the pest birds consider to be a natural predator into an established roosting area will quickly deter the pest species from the location and discourage any new arrivals from building their nests there.

Importantly, our birds of prey are trained not to actually hunt and kill the nesting birds, but rather to simply scare them away from the area by their mere presence. Using birds of prey for pest bird control is completely environmentally friendly, humane, requires no permanent fixtures and uses no chemicals or machines.

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Anti-Perch Spikes

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Sperling ( ID: 94ddc7167a0031c7d63e96820f11b57f)

Also known as pigeon spikes, anti-perch spikes are a simple, yet effective and humane method of discouraging pest bird infestations. The spikes are arranged on ledges, roofs and other flat surfaces. Despite their appearance, anti-perch spikes are not designed to cause harm to birds, but rather to prevent them from landing, roosting and nesting in the first place.


Another humane solution is found in netting. Much like anti-perch spikes, a netting installation will simply discourage pest birds from taking up residence on your business premises.

Bird netting comes in several different sizes of gauge, each designed to exclude a different species of pest bird. The nets are usually nylon and come in a range of colours so that they blend in with your building.

It’s important that bird netting is installed by a pest bird control professional. This is because it needs to be kept extremely taut so that any birds which come into contact with it simply bounce off, as opposed to becoming entangled. The other reason is that poorly installed bird netting will often not have the desired effect. Pest birds will exploit any gaps that are left, potentially making their way under it and building a nest regardless.

Spring Wire

A spring wire system is a humane and effective pest bird control solution you may wish to consider. Small steel posts are installed with thin wires running horizontally between them at alternating heights, creating an uneven and uncomfortable landing and perching area which deters birds from the spot.

When installed correctly by a professional pest bird control expert, spring wire systems successfully prevent nearly all pest bird species from setting up residence on your business premises.

Safeguard Pest Bird Control

All of the pest bird control options listed above are humane, effective and will provide excellent protection to your business premises against the infestation of pest birds.

Whether you’re dealing with crows, rooks, gulls, jackdaws, sparrows, starlings, magpies or pigeons, for long-lasting results you will need to employ the services of a professional pest bird control company.

At Safeguard Pest Control, we have over 30 years’ experience designing bespoke pest bird control solutions for commercial clients. Get in touch today to arrange a free site survey and we will advise you on the best pest bird control solution for your premises.

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