Bird Netting to Prevent Birds Perching

Using bird netting to prevent pest birds from perching, roosting or nesting on a commercial structure provides many benefits for both the property owners and the birds.

The birds are not harmed by the purpose-designed bird netting and the property owners have an effective and discreet barrier against the nuisance pest birds.

Most bird netting products are made from a combination of materials, with the most common being extra-strong polyethylene twine. The polyethylene twine strands are woven in a manner that creates an impenetrable barrier against the pest birds.

The netting is fixed into place with the use of perimeter fixings and retaining wires, to which the net is attached with hog rings. 

These products are usually made from galvanised or stainless steel, thus ensuring a secure fit and no sagging for prolonged periods. The design, although an impenetrable barrier to the pest bird, can be installed with access gates or zips, these allow users (e.g., property maintenance workers) sufficient access to the enclosed area for regular maintenance work.

Of course, you can choose from a wide range of designs in terms of the colour and the mesh size varies depending on the type of pest bird.  You also have the choice of custom netting mesh sizes.

Bird netting can be used virtually anywhere where pest birds can become a nuisance. Think of office blocks, ponds, loading bays, open-air arenas, restaurants, shopping centers and many other commercial premises.

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 Other benefits from using bird netting include:

  • Effective against virtually all species of birds
  • High resistance to ultraviolet rays
  • Nearly invisible especially when installed professionally
  • Low-profile installation
  • High resistance against rot and water absorption

In commercial applications of bird netting, business owners are well-advised to call in the professionals for advice and for installation to be undertaken by fully qualified and trained technicians.

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