Pest Control in Somerset

Somerset is situated in the South West of England, the county town is Taunton, and the area is well known for cider and cheese. Somerset is also one of the largest counties in England by area, (over 4,000 square miles) with a population exceeding 500,000 residents. There are over 11,000 listed buildings, 500 ancient monuments, and nearly 200 conservation areas, along with famous heritage sites and tourist attractions including Exmoor National Park and Glastonbury. The county has a temperate maritime climate with typically warm, rather than hot summers (averaging between 19 – 22 degrees centigrade) and cool to cold winters.

The county has a very large population of birds and pests that thrive in the vast rural and urban landscape. Pests, vermin, insects, and birds often cause damage and hygiene problems for residents, visitors, educational institutions, tourist sites, and local commercial businesses. In addition, infestations can be damaging to the county’s reputation.


The economy in Somerset is worth around £10 billion, with the majority of this income coming from service-based businesses. There are over 20,000 businesses in Somerset, and research has shown that in today’s economy trust and reputation are key differentiators. Preventing and effectively dealing with pest, rodent and insect nuisances is important not just for reputation, but for the health and safety of employees and customers. At Safeguard, we have significant experience preventing and resolving pest control issues in production and manufacturing companies, food and drink establishments, and tourist attractions.

Tourism is a £1 billion industry in Somerset and the county relies on visitors. It stands to reason bed bugs might be a common issue for businesses, university accommodation and hotels alike. Even though bed bugs are associated with overcrowded and unhygienic conditions, they can be transported to any premises. Most infestations are found in the bedroom where they hide close to where their host sleeps. Bed frames, mattresses, skirting boards, bedside furniture, and even wallpaper can all house these pests.

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Residential Pest Control in Somerset

In a home, kitchens, bedrooms, lofts, garages, and basements are popular places for rodents and vermin. Mice, in particular, will use many different materials to create warm, safe nests in which to live and breed. Once pests have found a way in, it’s a problem that is unlikely to go away without professional assistance or pest control. Mice breed approximately every three months, giving birth to around a dozen offspring each time. Those babies will then reproduce after just two months, which gives you an idea of how quickly a small infestation can become a major problem.

In rural areas, wasps’ nests are particularly common. These can be dangerous for people, especially anyone who may be allergic to the sting. Never attempt to remove a nest yourself, as an attack by a swarm of wasps can be deadly.

As with most unwanted pests, birds, insects, and flies, the sooner you contact Safeguard to remove them, the better. We will not only deal with the matter quickly, but also offer advice on preventative methods.

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