Pest Control in Wolverhampton

Pest Control in Wolverhampton

Here at Safeguard, we aim to consistently offer the highest quality pest control services in Wolverhampton and its surrounding areas. No matter if you are having trouble with rats or mice in your home, or a wasps’ nest in your  business, we will know exactly what to do to get your property infestation-free. With over 30 years of experience as a pest control company, we have the skills, knowledge and equipment ready.

Safeguard Over years of experience and knowledge

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If you have been looking for professional pest controllers in Wolverhampton, get in touch with us today. Our dedicated and fully qualified team members will be able to clean out a pest infestation from your home or business quickly and safely, no matter if you are based in Fordhouses or Lanesfield. They will even be able to provide advice on what to do to prevent pests from returning.

Most Common Wolverhampton Pest Control Services

Depending on the time of year, the types of pest you may see around your property can change. For instance, it is likely that you will see infestations and swarms of insects in the warmer spring months and summer, while you may see rodents entering your home during the winter, as they look for somewhere sheltered to nest. Because of this, the pest control services in Wolverhampton that you need will change over the course of the year.

Listed here are some of our most common services for pest control in the WV area:

We are also proud to be able to offer a greater selection of pest control services in Wolverhampton:

  • 24/7 emergency pest control in Wolverhampton
  • Fast, professional treatments for pests of all sizes
  • Complete pest removal and post-treatment hygiene cleansing
  • Aftercare service provided with comprehensive property surveys
  • BPCA certification and 35 years of experience

Whichever service you need, from domestic inspections to commercial pest control, we know that we will have the solution to your problem. Contact us today and our team will be there in no time. We will also be able to answer any questions you have about the services we offer.

Our Process for Pest Control in Wolverhampton

We have perfected a system comprised of several steps over the years, which we will use when we have arrived at your property. This process starts by identifying the pest problem you have, working out a solution for its treatment, inspecting the area after that treatment has been carried out and then creating a plan for its prevention in the future.

When we carry out our inspections, we will examine your windows, doors, plumbing, air vents, floorboards and exterior walls.


We will be able to carry out a treatment for you once we have identified the size and severity of your infestation. The method we use will depend on these factors, because the type of pest you have and the size of the problem will determine the length of time it will take to remove it. 

In most cases, we will be able to start a treatment once the problem is identified. However, if we discover that your infestation is particularly large or severe, we may have to return with the correct equipment to make sure that we will be able to remove the problem as efficiently as it should be.

We aim to work around your day-to-day life to ensure that you are not disturbed, so we will work around your schedule as you need us to.

To find out more about the pest control treatments we will carry out on your home or business, call us today. Our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions.


Once we have carried out the treatment stage of our process, we will examine the affected area to see how well the method has worked. In most cases, it will have worked completely. If we find out that it has not entirely worked, we will inspect the property again to see if there are any more places where problem pests may have been hiding. We may also consider using another method of treatment, which could include sealing up cracks or gaps in your walls to prevent insects from coming in, or placing baited rat traps around your property.


When we have finished treating your property and have found that it has worked, we will place down further methods to ensure that pests will not re-enter it. The method of prevention we use will be determined by the infestations you have had previously.

Pest Control in Wolverhampton and Prices

We want to ensure that we stay as one of the highest ranked pest control services in Wolverhampton. As such, we keep our prices as high quality and cost effective as our solutions. This is why we keep all our costs competitive, helping you as much as we can when the time comes to plan your budget.

To find out more about our pest control in Wolverhampton and prices we will match, contact us today. We will help you to make the best choice for your property, at a price tailored to you.

Call Us for Pest Control in Wolverhampton Today

If you need fast, professional emergency pest control in Wolverhampton, contact Safeguard today. We are ready and waiting for calls from Moseley to Tettenhall, and our fleet of vehicles all come fully equipped with everything we will need to take care of your pest infestation.

We love what we do and we want you to feel comfortable in your property, so get in touch with us today and we can help you remove the unwanted vermin taking it over.

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