Pest Control in Truro

As the only city in Cornwall, Truro is the county’s undisputed centre for jobs, retail, media, leisure, sport and entertainment. Officially crowned the prettiest place to live and work in the UK last year, the city’s handsome cobbled streets, beautiful gardens and silver rivers are home to nearly 20,000 people and attract many more day visitors from around the county, as well as tourists from further “up country” and abroad.


With a vast range of local independent shops nestled between large national retailers, Truro is renowned as a fantastic shopping destination. Friendly pubs, stylish restaurants and classy eateries complete the picture, all competing to serve the best Cornish food and a great selection of drinks.

Truro is, however, a small city and so the competition between shops and restaurants is tough. Reputations are everything in such an environment and inadequate pest control can ruin them in an instant.

It may be the prettiest city in Britain but that doesn’t mean it’s free from ratsmice and other pest species. Business owners in Truro can rest assured that these animals survive in abundance in the city. The task at hand, is to take proactive measures to ensure they are kept out of business premises.

The best and only sure-fire way to achieve this is by seeking contractual pest control services from local professionals.

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Residential Pest Control in Truro

Rats are known to be abundant in Truro. Last year, Cornwall Live reported the story of one local resident who’s rented property was home to a severe infestation. “You could hear rats in every room in the house, basically running above your head,” she said. “I spent my whole pregnancy with no sleep and in a health hazard. Other houses around us were affected by the rats too.”

The infestation is not an isolated incident. In fact, Truro is a hotbed for rat activity in Cornwall. Cornwall Live’s “Rat Map of Cornwall” – which lists incidents when Cornwall Council has received a call concerning pests – puts the city in the top ten most-infested areas in the county.

What’s important to note, is that the Council does not deal with pest control issues directly – neither for residents nor businesses. As stated by a spokesman for the local authority: “The stats referred to in the [Freedom of Information] response are where people have contacted us and we have provided advice.Some may have resulted in a visit from an Environmental Health Officer, but again, this will have been to provide advice, not a pest control service.We don’t provide a pest control service, we recommend that people contact a private pest control company.”

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