Responding to Unwanted Pests on Your Business Premises

A pest sighting at an office building can cause real problems, and, if anyone spots one, professional pest control action will need to be taken immediately.

The presence of pests can not only ruin reputations very quickly, but will negatively impact the workaday office environment. A pest sighting can cause great concerns – even panic – amongst staff, suppliers, partners or any other visitor, none of whom will be at all impressed if they see a pest of any nature scurrying around. What’s more, pests cause huge amounts of damage to buildings, and an infestation will, of course, be a health and hygiene concern as well.

Nonetheless, the first sign of a pest control issue is often visual – somebody spots one – and, in this event, you need to respond efficiently and effectively.

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Impact of an Office Infestation

An infestation of pests in an office building can have a major impact on the business or businesses that are present.

Staff morale can be affected, as employees may become nervous about the cleanliness of their working environment and may even be hesitant to come into work at all. This, in turn, causes business disruption, which can lead to a drop in productivity and revenue, as well as reputational damage.

Pests also cause damage to buildings and stock, resulting in increased maintenance and repair costs, plus additional costs to replace any irreparably damaged or contaminated goods or equipment.

Pests that Threaten Office Buildings

There are a number of different pests that are commonly found in offices. Each have their own unique characteristics, cause their own unique problems, and must be dealt with in their own unique way.


Rats and mice are amongst the most common types of pest to set up residence in office buildings. All species are remarkably agile and determined, and are able to exploit weaknesses in buildings in order to find their way inside.

They are able to squeeze through even the tightest of gaps – or will gnaw away at wood, plastic or soft masonry to make a hole big enough to gain access. Openings around pipes, wires, roof vents, plumbing, gas or sewer lines all leave your office vulnerable to invasion.

If an infestation of rodents takes hold, your site is at instant risk of damage and contamination, and it must be dealt with professionally and immediately.

Bugs and Insects

Flies, cockroaches, ants, carpet beetles – any or all can cause huge problems for offices. Due to their small size, bugs and insects can very easily enter through gaps in doors, windows, air vents, or can even be carried in or on clothing or packages.

They will cause damage to fabrics, furniture, equipment and stock, and many carry diseases which can be passed on to humans.


The main bird pests include sparrows, pigeons, starlings, gulls, and members of the crow family, including carrion crows, rooks, jackdaws and magpies.

Birds typically become pests on roofs and ledges around office buildings, and some may even gain access inside through broken tiles or vents.

The hazards caused by bird pests include droppings – which carry numerous diseases and parasites – nests which can block drains and roof guttering and physical damage to structural materials such as roof tiles. Some birds, most notably gulls, will even attack people, particularly in spring and early summer when they have chicks in their nests.

How to Respond to a Pest Sighting at Your Office Building

React Quickly and Professionally

Your reaction time is important. No matter if it’s an employee, delivery person, visitor, passer-by, or anyone else who reports a pest sighting, only by responding immediately will you reassure that you’re taking the matter seriously, and that your people’s health and safety is a foremost concern.

Reacting quickly will also help you deal with the problem while it’s (hopefully) still a small one. The faster you react, the less time the infestation has to take hold. Most pests – insects, birds and rodents included – breed quickly and prolifically, meaning that a small infestation can become a big one in a very small space of time if you do not take immediate pest control action.  The longer you delay treatment, the harder it will be to resolve the situation in the long run – so, if someone spots a pest anywhere in your office building, your response must be prompt.

Bring in Pest Control Experts

A professional response to a pest sighting means bringing in pest control professionals to deal with the issue at hand. Though it may be tempting to experiment with some sort of DIY treatment, many do not work, and in a place of business you need lasting results, carried out swiftly.

By calling in a professional pest control company, you will be able to rest assured that your pest problem will be dealt with as efficiently, effectively, and discreetly as possible. What’s more, it is the very best way to demonstrate to your office staff that you are taking their health and safety seriously, and are doing everything in your power to ensure that the situation is under control.

No matter the type of infestation – bird, rodent, bug or insect – a professional pest control company will be able to bring resolution.  Pest control experts will visit your office, locate the source of the problem, and design a bespoke solution to deal with it. What’s more, an ongoing plan will be put into action to prevent re-infestations from taking hold in the future.

Safeguard Pest Control

If you’ve spotted a pest and are looking for a quality pest control solution for your office building, Safeguard Pest Control has over 30 years’ experience designing and executing professional strategies for commercial clients. Please get in touch today.

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